Bouquet Cupcakes

IMG_5373-60118.JPG Bouquet Cupcakes

Perfect to surprise mum with on Mother's Day, these delightful cupcakes from our friends at Culpitt are quick, simple and oh so pretty!

Put a smile on mum’s face with these beautiful pastel bouquet cupcakes. Using Culpitt's Cake Star Plunger Cutters and Push Easy Mini Alphabet Cutters, these colourful cupcakes make the perfect sweet treat for Mother’s Day.


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Bouquet Cupcakes

You will need
• cupcakes
• baking cups - pink and aqua
• royal icing
• Colour Splash concentrated food colouring gel - green
• Cake Star modelling paste - white, baby pink, baby blue, yellow, hot pink, green
• Cake Star plunger cutters - hibiscus, curved leaf, primrose, blossom
• Cake Star push easy mini uppercase cutters
• purple cupcake non pareils – white
• jem lines piping tube
• Cake Star cake decorating kit
• piping bags
• edible glue
• palette knife


1 Colour a bowl of buttercream with a small amount of Colour Splash Concentrated Food Colouring Gel in green to achieve a light minty shade. Place the piping tube in a piping bag, fill with the buttercream and set aside.

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial step 1

2 Create your modelling paste pastel colour palette using the ratios below, only semi mixing the colours to achieve the lovely marbled effect pictured.
Light pink - 1 baby pink: 1 white
Pastel yellow - 1 yellow: 3 white
Lilac - 1 hot pink: 1 baby blue: 3 white
Light blue - 1 baby blue: 3 white
Light green - 1 green: 3 white

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial step 2

3 Roll out each of the mixed pastel modelling pastes and, using the small and medium flower plunger cutters, cut out 1-2 of each flower and 5-6 of the small blossom in each colour.

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial step 4

4 Using the Cake Star Push Easy Mini Uppercase letter cutters, cut out the word ‘MUM’ from light pink, pastel yellow and lilac, as pictured.

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial step 3

5 Pipe your cupcakes using your green buttercream filled piping bag, starting from the outside and working your way into the centre. Add a grass effect by piping up and away in sections until the cupcake is covered.

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial step 5

6 Begin to add the pastel flowers to your cupcakes. Use a ball ended modelling tool to press an indentation into the centres as you apply.

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial step 6

7 Using your pastel MUM letters, apply the smallest blossom flowers to each of the letters using a small amount of edible glue, again using a ball ended modelling tool to indent the centre.

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial step 7

8 Dab a small amount of edible glue into the centre of each flower and carefully add a small white non pareil to create the buds and add the letters to your cupcake for the finishing touch. 

culpitt bouquet cupcakes tutorial final



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