Easy Christmas Poinsettia Tutorial

This easy to make poinsettia is the perfect festive make!

Try this super quick and very effective festive bloom using a rose cutter set! Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft has styled this poinsettia around the fab JEM stamens from PME for an extra detail to add to your Christmas Cake. 

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You will need:


Flower paste in your choice of colour

Petal dusts: green and red

Edible glue



Stamens (JEM)

Florist wire

Florist tape

Foam pad

Rolling board

Rolling pin

Ball tool

Rose veiner pad

Rose cutter set: large and medium cutter

Craft knife

Foam or foil former

Round nose pliers

Wire cutting pliers

Oasis or dummy



How to:

1. Roll flower paste thinly and cut out your first set of rose petals with a medium size cutter. Use your craft knife to separate into individual petals.

2. Cut wire into thirds, cover tip with a thin sausage of paste then place on petal with pointed tip at opposite end to wire.

3. Press in veiner and gently remove. The wire should be attached.

4. Place on a foam pad and gently thin edges, accentuating the point.

5. Leave to dry on a former (you can scrunch foil for this or use a bumpy foam pad) for movement and repeat steps for larger set.

6. Once dry, dust with petal dust to highlight texture. Green works brilliantly on red and white poinsettias.

7. Cut a wire into five pieces and bend tip into a hook with pliers.

8. Shape a tiny ball of paste into a teardrop shape. Dip wire into edible glue then thread and squeeze paste onto the wire. Place in an oasis or dummy to dry.

9. Cut florist tape into thinner strips and wrap around the stamen and petal wires.

10. Tape stamens with paste stamens to a stronger gauge wire.

11. Tape smaller petals around stamens first then add larger set.

12. Neatly tape all of the wire then trim and add to your cake using a posy pick or make more with foliage for a sugar Christmas posy.

Easy Poinsettia Tutorial

For reference:

Looking at a real poinsettia will help you add authentic detail even with more ‘fantasy’ than botanically correct blooms. Note the placement of colour.