Envelope templates (FOR FREE!) of every size!

All you need to know about greeting card envelope sizes in a chart with bonus envelope template downloads

Have you ever constructed the perfect card and, full of excitement over sending it to your recipient, realised you don't have an envelope that fits? Have you felt the despair of making a marvellous mini card without knowing how to make a mini envelope? We understand, we've all been there. 

So read on for a comprehensive guide to all things envelope, with a card envelope sizes chart and a greeting card envelope size chart. You'll be amazed how many different types of envelopes there are! You can also make them as beautiful as you like and tailor them to match your cards. 

Plus, we've got four of the most popular sizes available for you to download as an envelope template. What are you waiting for?

Greeting card envelope size chart

These are the dimensions for the most common types of card size and envelopes in a handy (and downloadable!) card envelope size chart. 

Envelope size chart


Click HERE to download this handy greeting card envelope size chart and keep on your crafty workspace!


Envelope templates

We've listed the four most popular types of envelope sizes for you to download as envelope templates.


Envelope template DL size

These types of envelopes are also known as commercial or business envelopes and are generally used for letters and business correspondence. However, that's not to say you can't make gorgeous greetings cards in this format, just like these pampered pooches made using MC&P's Paws for Thought stamp set and CPC.

Follow the link for your DL envelope template.


Square envelope template

A square envelope is more commonly needed for greetings cards and are really useful for sizing up and down as retaining the aspect ratio is simple. Why not make this gorgeous square card to go inside, from the January 2020 issue of MC&P?

Download your square envelope template.


C5 envelope template

This is probably the most common size envelope template needed for greetings cards. The C5 envelope size holds an A5 card blank perfectly, so why not try creating this fun and funky happy birthday card using MC&P's Bright Birthday CPC?

Get your C5 envelope template here.


C6 envelope template

A C6 envelope is basically just a shorter, fatter version of a C5 envelope. It's very popular for cardmakers to make card blanks in A6, just like this one using MC&P's free Colour the Creature Horse digi stamp.

Download your C6 envelope template

How to make a mini envelope

Mini envelope template

Don't forget, if you want to know how to make a mini envelope from any of these styles, simply scale down the sizes given! Just be sure to preserve the aspect ratio. You can find calculators to help you do this, or if you're a bit of a maths whizz, we've got the formula.

(original height / original width) x new width = new height

(83/112) x 80 = 59

Get creative

If there's one thing we know about you, it's that you're incredibly creative no matter what the challenge. Once you've made your own envelope, why not jazz it up with some extra embellishments, perhaps some string for a rustic look? Or delicate lace for an elegant extra flourish? Maybe some glitter glue patterns to add some pizzazz without getting glitter all over your recipient's carpet (no matter how funny that is).

Envelope templates

If you're a fan of die-cutting (who isn't?), then you can always decorate your greeting card envelope with delicate die-cut patterns. The card inside is so unique, why not give your card envelope the same treatment?

Envelope template

Or get your favourite embossing folder out and add an extra touch to your envelopes with a beautiful raised pattern to really show your recipient how much you care?

Envelope template embossed

Finally, if you're not one for fancy gadgets and extras, a simple layered panel of patterned paper can add a nice subtle personal touch to your envelope. 

Envelope template

You're now set with the most popular sized envelope templates and a handy printable greeting card envelope sizes chart, what more can you ask for?

What's that? You want to know about the best glue for cards? Well it's your lucky day!