Good tidings Christmas card tutorial

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Wish your family and friends greetings at Christmas with this white work card tutorial...

Card making is the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit and what better way than with this parchment craft tutorial, complete with downloadable template? Print off and away you go!

Good tidings card tutorial 

by Dorothy Honess.

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You will need 

  • Your basic tool kit
  • Dark blue insert card
  • Peel off star
  • Pattern (see below)

Download pattern

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1. Trace all of the design with a white pencil.


2. Emboss the design, beginning softly with a Shader or Large Ball tool. Work a second layer with the same tool using more pressure where the areas are going to be lighter. Gradually work with finer tools to build up the light areas. Emboss the greeting and the borders with a Fine Ball tool. 


3. Cut out the window with a craft knife.


4. Score and fold the parchment along the fold line and attach to a folded piece of dark blue card with a strip of narrow double sided tape. Use a peel off border to cover the join. Apply a peel off star or a sprinkling of glitter glue in the window space. Trim around the border through all of the layers with a rule and craft knife.


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