How to create an alcohol ink splatter background

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Learn how to create an easy and effective background using alcohol inks and compressed air – the perfect technique to make your cardmaking and papercrafting projects stand out!

This technique is perfect for bold black imagery or silhouette stamps and imagery. It could also be the most fun, especially when working alongside others! 

Alcohol ink splatter background tutorial

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You will need

  • Alcohol inks – Terracotta, Red Pepper, Citrus from Country View Crafts
  • Ranger Speciality Stamping Paper or Glossy Encaustic Art Card from Hobbycraft
  • High-pressure aerosol (compressed air) 

What is Ranger Speciality Stamping Paper? 

Ranger Surfaces Specialty Stamping Paper is a unique matte coated paper perfect for creative stamping and colouring. It can be used with ink and paint, embossed and embellished! The smooth stamping surface is perfect for creating colourful backgrounds as it's been especially designed for direct-to-surface ink techniques often used in mixed media and journaling projects.


For this technique, it's imperative that you either protect your surface extremely well or you work outside.

1. Place a piece of Speciality Stamping Paper onto a flat surface, take the Red Pepper Alcohol Ink and drop one drop of ink onto the Speciality Stamping Paper. Next, blast the ink with the compressed air – this forces the ink outwards to create a splatter effect.

2. Take the Citrus Alcohol Ink and once again drop one drop onto the Speciality Stamping Paper and blast the ink with the compressed air to create a splatter. Tilt the aerosol at a slight angle to get the best splatter effect. Repeat this process several times with the Citrus Alcohol Ink.

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3. Go back to the Red Pepper and repeat the same process adding more splatters to the background.

Top tip! Leave areas of white space so the colours don't become muddy and blend together too much.

4. Add a drop of Terracotta Alcohol Ink to the Speciality Stamping Paper and then blast with the compressed air aerosol to create a splatter. Repeat a few more times to add a darker shade of splatter to the background, but not too many splatters of the darker colour so some of the white card is still visible.

5. Continue with the same process until you're happy with the coverage on the card. Stamp the background with a bold image to give the best effect.

Top tip! Use a glossary card so that the alcohol ink isn't absorbed into the card or doesn't dry too quickly.

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