How to Stencil with Lustre Dust and Brush

A simple yet effective technique using Sugar Vanilla Stencils

A simple yet effective technique using Sugar Vanilla Stencils

You will need:



  • one cupcake, flat iced with buttercream
  • edible tint in purple
  • edible lustre dusts in dark pink, yellow
  • white fondant
  • Sugar Vanilla Stencils British flowers Set 1 stencil; using the pansy design
  • three brushes: one small, two medium
  • 65mm round cutter
  • non-stick board
  • rolling pin
  • palette knife


Roll fondant to 3mm thick. Place stencil on top and roll over once or twice. This pushes the fondant up into the stencil design.


Using a small brush dust purple edible tint into the centre of the pansy.


Continue with the purple slightly into the petals.


Using a larger brush gently dust dark pink lustre dust over the petals.


Shade the petals by making some areas, particularly the outer petal, darker with more lustre dust.


Blow any excess dust o the stencil and gently lift the stencil towards you (this stops any dust falling onto your fondant).


Using your third brush, gently brush yellow lustre dust from the centre outwards.


Cut around the stencil using a round cutter. Lift using a palette knife. Gently place on top of the cupcake and tap around the edges to smooth.

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