How To: Create the Perfect Airbrush Ombré Effect with Spraycraft!

Learn how to create the perfect ombré effect with Spraycraft - our current reader offer!



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How To... Create the Perfect Airbrush Ombré Effect



1 x 15cm (6in) barrel cake, filled and covered in white sugarpaste
3x Magic Colours airbrush colours of your choice
100g of sugarpaste mixed with ¼ tsp CMC

8x sterilised pins
your brand new Spraycraft Airbrush!
sharp knife
damp brush
cocktail stick


1 Measure your cake and gently insert pins to mark one third and two thirds of the height. Repeat on four sides of the cake. This will be your guide for your airbrushing.

step 1 airbrush


2 Using a turntable, carefully airbrush the bottom of the cake in your fi rst colour. Gently pull back on the trigger at a distance of 15cm (6in) while the cake is turning to get a light covering. Add more layers of colour to the bottom of the section and less to the top. The final shade should fade upwards, finishing just above the pin mark. Leave to dry.

step 2 airbrush


3 Spray the middle section of the cake in your second choice of colour, remembering to keep the airbrush at a 90° angle to the cake. Spray down to the lower pin, overlapping your first colour, and spray just above the upper pin line as before. Leave to dry.

4 Finish the top of the cake with a light coat of your third colour. Again, spray from the pin line overlapping your second colour and continue over the top surface.

step 4 airbrush

1 Roll out your sugarpaste to 3mm thick.
2 Cut out three strips, measuring around 30cm, 40cm and 50cm long and all around 3-4cm wide.
3 Roll thinner for the shorter and thicker for the longer one.
4 Spray your medium strip in your first colour, then use your second colour to spray the larger and smaller strips.
5 Once dry, turn over and spray the back in your third colour.
6 Use a knife to cut a fringe into the strips, then dampen the edge with the brush and roll up.
7 Gently squeeze the base of your pompom and it should start to spread out. Arrange evenly and trim away any excess paste from the base.
8 Attach to your cake using a damp brush and a cocktail stick to support where necessary.



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