FREE Download and Project: Zoe's Dream House

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13 July 2018
2-56107.jpg FREE Download and Project: Zoe's Dream House
Zoe's Favourite Things Art Collection

Have you discovered Zoe the tabby cat and her amazingly kitch dreamhouse? We first fell for her amazing style on Instagram, and have even featured her in a past issue! Keep reading for more on Zoe's story. In the meantime, we're loving how fun this free download is - thanks Zoe! Use yours for a number of things in your crafting, or practise some mindfulness and use it as a colouring-in sheet. And if you want to keep discovering new artists and miniature related projects, remember to pick up your copy of DHMS magazine (with no UK P+P costs)!

Zoe's story: 

"A little over a year ago I moved into a new loft style apartment with my husband and my mom encouraged me to bring my childhood dollhouse along since we finally had the space to show it off. After we moved in, I began a six month intense makeover, completely repainting and redecorating the house to reflect my love of Scandinavian design. My favorite part of the process was imagining who would live inside the dollhouse - and that's how Zoe's Dream House came to be! Zoe the tabby cat lives in the house accompanied by her best friends Roy, Iggie and Frau Lina."

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Enjoy this collection of tiny wall art in your own dollhouse! Simply download the PDF and print it on sturdy white paper. Use coloured pencils and gel pens to color all the artwork in as you like. Carefully cut out each framed artwork with scissors, and adhere each piece to your dollhouse walls with removable putty or tape. 

Follow all of Zoe's dollhouse adventures on Instagram at @zoes_dream_house and purchase adorable dollhouse decor and printables in my Etsy shop at

Get your free download here.