Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 10

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14 October 2013
imports_HAC_pic-14_54231.jpg Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 10
Moving up to the top floor, in this edition Carol shows us how she has decorated the nursery. ...
Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 10 Images

The Nursery

Last month we completed the stairway and landing area to the attic rooms, now we are moving on to the rooms on this top floor.

The first room I will be working on is the nursery, this is the room to the far left of the building next to a middle room which will be a maids bedroom.       

This room is one of the rooms on this floor that has been altered, so the ceiling needs to be filled and papered, as with did with some of the other rooms.

Now that we have completed the ceiling we can paint the walls, I am using a soft lemon colour which is a good choice for a nursery as it is neutral and will suit either a boy or a girl.      

I have also drilled some holes at this point for the light wiring from the floor below, a hole in the inner wall for the fireplaces in this and the adjoining room. I am opting for a wall light in this room and the other rooms on this floor, as directly above is the flat roof. {Should you wish to fit ceiling lights, the roof area could simply be topped with another piece of MDF allowing the wiring to lie below}

When the walls have been painted we can fit the flooring.



Followed by the door.

Next I am fitting the skirting boards and cornice, I am using a small sized skirting board for this top floor as the rooms are not that high, for the cornice it is essential to select a small moulding for this job, although it may not be correct I am also using the same skirting board for the cornice, this does look okay and once the rest of the furnishings are in place it will not be noticeable.



For the dressing of the window, I have made an arched pelmet with a festoon blind in colours to match my beautiful crib. Full instructions to make the blind and pelmet can be found in the June Issue No: 228 of Dolls House & Miniature Scene Magazine.

I have added quite an elaborate fire surround from the Range by Sue Cook, it has a working 12v fire.

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Now for the furnishings, I have used a beautiful crib by Bespaq and dressed it to co-ordinate with the nursery.  {The tutorial for dressing the crib will follow in the magazine shortly}

Other furnishings include a small wash stand that has been painted in a soft cream to match the other furnishings, it has a washing bowl, bottles and a selection of books.



There is a wooden rocking chair, again painted to match and upholstered in the same primrose coloured silk as the crib, seen here with the nanny seated holding the baby.

Also in the nursery is an older child, who plays happily, giving one of her dolls a ride on the rocking horse. {Panda and another doll wait patiently in the wooden trolley for their turn}




The nursery is finished.



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