Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 4

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13 December 2012
imports_HAC_pic-16-1-_01904.jpg Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 4
The Drawing room is the 4th miniature room to be decorated in Downton Manor, and this one has a delicate Oriental feel to it. ...
Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 4 Images

Downton Manor: First Floor Oriental Drawing Room

The Drawing room in Downton Manor has a delicate Oriental feel to it. I have decorated it with a scenic paper “Pagoda” by Brodnax, and for the lighting we are using the same beautiful crystal chandelier we used in the ground floor reception room.

The room is being divided with a staggered partition at the back of the room, the inner wall will have an alcove which will house a daybed and the narrower side next to the window will have a doorway with panels to match the wallpaper.

  • For the flooring I will be again using some light wood in keeping with the décor of the room. But before we lay the floor it is a good idea to give the ceiling another coat of white paint as we don’t want spots of paint on our floor!  
  • Once the paint has dried we can lay the flooring. Fix some tape over the wiring from the lower ceiling light the floor permanently. I have also made three holes for the electric wires, one for the lighting from the lower floor, one for a wall light and one for the electric fire.



  • The next stage is to paint the rear wall; this will be visible from the opening door and behind the daybed. I have used a soft green paint called "Putting Green" by Dulux.  
  • I am also papering both of the side walls, but only to the height of the window arch. 



  • Before we can fit the rear wall panels they need to have the openings for the door and daybed alcove cut. I have allowed approx ¼ inch either side of the daybed, so the side walls of the alcove are 1¼ inches wide, they will continue straight up to the same height as the doorway. The top can be cut either square or arched; I am cutting an arch it will be formed between the two side walls to a maximum centre height of 7¾ inches.Once cut, it is easier to decorate the panels before fitting them, I have painted and papered the panels in the same way as the room and I have fixed the door into the smaller panel.



  • The panel next to the window with the door can now be fitted along with the joining piece. They have been secured top and bottom with wooden batons.
  • The alcove panel can be fixed into place when we have fitted the drapes that surround the daybed. I have used three large swags and two smaller swags, all fixed to the front of the panel and a pair of drapes that are fitted to the inside.



  • The second picture above shows the panel in situ. Fit the wiring for the fire before you fix the alcove permanently.
  • Now the rear panels are fitted, the rail can be fixed to hide the join of the paper and the paint. I have used a 1/12th scale decorative rail. Remember to allow for the fitting of the window drapes. The curtains can now be fitted. "Devonshire" Curtains are available, made to measure from my website Please note that I had to remove the end of the pelmet due to the limited space next to the doorway, this shouldn’t detract from the finished look. 




  • Finish the woodwork by fitting the cornice and the skirting boards.
  • I have fitted the fireplace on the right hand side of the room, it is ornate in style, I have sprayed it the same colour as the daybed, which is a very pale green.


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  • I am also adding a beautiful oval ceiling panel from the range by Unique Miniatures. The panel is an off white colour, so it has to be painted white to match the ceiling.



  • I decided to give the panel so extra detailing by painting parts of the panel with the same paint I am using for the rear wall. I have finally finished it with gold highlights. The panel has been carefully drilled to accommodate the wires for the chandelier and finally fixed to the ceiling.



The decorated Oriental Drawing Room.

Instructions for creating the alcove, daybed and drapes will be published in the March 2013 issue no. 225 of DOLLS HOUSE AND MINIATURE SCENE magazine.



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