Glenn Hesford's Tudor Dolls Houses, Pubs and Shops

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01 February 2010
imports_HAC_glennhesfordpubsandsh_91920.gif Glenn Hesford pubs and shops
Glenn and Andrea Hesford exhibited at the York Dolls House amd Miniatures Fair for the first time last November. They specialise in Tudor dolls houses, pubs and shops which are finished to a high standard. ...

Glenn Hesford's Tudor Dolls Houses, Pubs and Shops.

Lets hear from Glenn.

Where do I start? 
I am married with one son Daniel who is 18 years old. I am a Driving Instructor, but my love is building Tudor buildings be it houses, shops or pubs.
Approx 13 years ago I starting making Tudor houses for pleasure, and sold many through friends and family, and the local dolls house shop, but then work commitments and our son being young at the time took up most of my time.
Early last year (2009) when visiting my mother, she mentioned that she still had her Tudor dolls house in her spare bedroom. It brought back all the fond memories of many years earlier when I used to make them.
It was through seeing that house again that I started to build again, but this time they are bigger and better.
We have been researching in Chester/York taking in all the quirky little details on the Tudor buildings and adding them to mine.
The quality of my work is to a very high standard with every part being hand made and real oak carved beams, stairs etc.
Each of my houses, pubs and shops are different and unique to each customer that buys them, with either tiles or thatched roofs and made to any size and specification required.

This year we have been fortunate enough to have a stall at the Stafford show as well as the York show, and have really enjoyed dolls house enthusiast coming to our stand and admiring and praising our work. We have had plenty of interest here in the UK and also as far away as America.

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