How to make a miniature broomstick and witch hat

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01 October 2020
Celebrate Halloween with this spooky tutorial, which shows you how to make a miniature broomstick and a witch hat using polymer clay for your dolls house or miniature scene.

Need some Halloween inspiration for your miniature scene? Look no further! In this spooky tutorial, Sadie Brown shows us how to make a miniature broomstick and a witch's hat. Using polymer clay and bits and bobs you're sure to have round the house, this easy tutorial is super fun to do! Enjoy!

DIY miniature broomstick and witch hat tutorial

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You will need


  • 3mm armature wire
  • Polymer clay in black
  • Acrylic paints: burnt umber and golden ochre
  • Sculpey Bake & Bond
  • Matte varnish
  • All-purpose glue
  • Black paper
  • Scrap from Javis landscape mat
  • Two small Halloween or autumnal craft punches
  • Bristles from an old paintbrush
  • Cotton
  • Orange elastic band
  • Short length of ribbon or rustic rope


  • Jewellery pliers & wire cutters
  • Small paintbrush
  • Needle tool
  • Scissors

Miniature broomstick tutorial 

1. Use jewellery pliers to shape a 3mm wide piece of armature wire into a broomstick, approx 11cm in length. Mix burnt umber and golden ochre acrylic paints to create a woody shade and coat the wire. Allow to dry and coat with matte varnish.

2. Cut some bristles from an old brush to around 5.5cm in length. Tie together with a short length of cotton about 1cm from the top to secure. Add over the cotton an orange elastic band. Make a hole in the centre of your broom and glue the uncurled end of the stick securely into place.

Miniature witch hat tutorial

3. Roll a 1.5cm ball of black polymer clay into a circle about 1mm in thickness, allowing the edges to crack a little. Use your fingers to give the brim an uneven edge which goes up and down.

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4. Form the top of the hat by rolling a 2cm ball of clay into a carrot shape. Use your fingers to mould the hat into its own unique shape. Use a damp brush and/or some black pastel to remove any fingerprints left behind on the surface of the clay.

5. Make one or two rough holes in the hat with a needle tool and use a little Sculpey Bake & Bond to secure on to the centre of the brim before baking. Once cooled, coat the entire hat with matte varnish and allow to dry.

Adding the decorations

6. Take two different craft punches and press out two of each on plain black paper and a small scrap piece of bright green Javis landscape mat as the texture of the latter provides added interest.

7. Glue a small piece of rustic rope around the base of the hat. Add one of the tiny cat shapes to the front and a bat to the very tip of the point. Glue a little straw into one of the holes created in step 2 for that final rustic flourish!

Stand back and admire your hard work!

miniature broomstitck and witches hat

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