Ministry of Magic - Harry Potter in Miniature Part 2

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11 March 2011
imports_HAC_prophecysideofthebuil_83264.gif Prophecy Side of the Building
Inspired by the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling, we continue our fascinating tour of the Ministry of Magic by Sally Wallace. ...
Ministry of Magic - Harry Potter in Miniature Part 2 Images

The Ministry of Magic was prominently featured in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, and for well over a year Sally contemplated her own vision of the Ministry before proceeding with her mega miniature project. For Sally, it was the challenge of creating this mysterious undergorund world that piqued her interest. Step inside with Sally, via the red telephone box, and descend into the very heart of the Ministry, touring its halls, entering forbidden doorways, and probing the Ministry's hidden secrets.

The Planet Room is a visual treat with orbiting planets, orreries, and telescopes. The orbs are mounted on a turntable so that they rotate around the sun. Black lighting illuminates many of the planets as they pass under the lights.

The Brain Room contains an enormous tank filled with pearlescent brains in a deep green liquid. The many brains were supplied by Mary Ann Ledyard of Wright Guide Miniatures until Sally was satisfied that she had enough.


The Time Room contains a vast array of time turners, clocks and hour glasses. Two Weasley family clocks detail the location of each family member, with the focal point of the room being a time dome.

Death Chamber - this is one of Sally and Rik's most brilliant vignettes. Shrouded in mist created by black lights and black light spray-painted fibre optics.  Here one will find the veil where spirits and voices can be seen and heard, and a low cackling whisper emanates from the chamber, giving it a haunting atmosphere.

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Arthur Weasley's Office and the Auror's Room - The lowest level features a chaotic jumble of muggle artifacts that Arthur finds infinitely fascinationg. The Auror's Room is filled with instruments and tools used the defense agains the darks arts.


Each room in Sally's masterpiece is removable for redecoration, repair, lighting and additional enhancement. She is definitely not content with just a plain box exterior either. The Ministry of Magic debuted at Tom Bishop's 2009 Chicago International Fair to rave reviews. 

Contact Details: Sally Wallace, Email: [email protected] Website: (You will have to copy and paste these into your browser).

The full article (part 2) was published in Dolls House and Miniature Scene in Spring 2011 (Issue 201). If you'd like a copy of the magazine please check here, or better still, why not take out a subscription so that you never miss another issue.