2018 Front Covers

DOLLS-HOUSES_-(97)-93178.png 2018 Front Covers

Here's a full roundup of our 2018 front covers!






As we say farewell to another year, we wanted to look back on all 12 front covers from 2018's Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine. How many of these do you remember? Do you have a favourite? Have a look below and tell us what you think! And don't forget, you can still buy any of these editions from our website - just follow the link included with each cover to take a look! 








January 2018                                                                       February 2018

DHMS front cover January 2018                   DHMS front cover February 2018


March 2018                                                                                  April 2018

DHMS Front Cover March 2018                    DHMS Front Cover April 2018

May 2018                                                                                   June 2018

DHMS Front Cover May 2018                   DHMS Front Cover June 2018


July 2018                                                                                   August 2018

DHMS Front Cover July 2018                    DHMS Front Cover August2018


September 2018                                                                        October 2018

DHMS Front Cover September 2018                    DHMS Front Cover October 2018


November 2018                                                                             December 2018

DHMS Front Cover November 2018                    DHMS Front Cover December 2018