Top 20 Modern Miniature Design Classics for the Modern Dolls House Part 2

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04 March 2011
imports_HAC_tt-main_83607.jpg Top 20 Modern Miniature Design Classics for the Modern Dolls House Part 2
In the second of two features dedicated to bringing you the most desired modern items for a contemporary dolls house, we uncover the final 10 items to complete your dreams of modern splendour. ...
Top 20 Modern Miniature Design Classics for the Modern Dolls House Part 2 Images

From the studio of the contemporary London based designers Pinch, the Alba Console is inspired by modern plasterwork, textured to break up the white-on-white design trend. The ELF Miniatures replica sideboard follows this trend. The doors are fixed and the unit is 15 cms long. Website:


Art lovers may have to make do with a print of this iconic Wassily Kandinsky painting called Squares with Concentric Circles, but miniaturists can get their own mini masterpiece from artist Kay A. Burton. Website:


The SMEG fridge still musters envious 'oohs' and 'aahs' from all that see it. This 1/12th scale version comes in different colourways just like the original. Available from Delph Miniatures. Website:



The work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh is easily identifiable by its parallel lines and simplicity. The Lug Chair is just one of the designs available to dolls house enthusiasts from Just Mackintosh. Website:


From a first glance, it is obvious that this table was designed by an architect! Designed by pioneer of the Modernist Movement Eileen Gray, this miniature version is available from Kim Selwood. Website:



Immediately recognisable as the work of Poul M. Volther. This 1/12th scale replica comes from Japan and is available from ELF Miniatures.


One of the most famous items of modern furniture design from one of the 20th Century's most famous designers. This model comes from Japan, and is made of plastic rather than leather and chrome. Also available from ELF Miniatures.

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Many designers have tackled the one-form console table. Its paired down simplicity wins it a place in any modern minimalist home. This statement piece comes from the Dolls House Emporium. Website:



High backed and one armed this modern masterpiece of furnishing comes in a dazzling array of colours and patterns. Leather or fabric, and if you want you can supply your own material for the upholster y to match your decor. Hand made by Arlette SHelton of Arlette's Miniatures. Website:


A product of the noughties, the corner or sectional sofa is found in many homes. Available in black or white leather look fabric from Willowcat. Website:


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