Christmas Tree Cake

cover-02517.JPG Decorated Christmas Tree Cake

This beautiful cake is the perfect ending to your holiday celebration!


This beautiful Christmas tree cake is the perfect ending to your holiday celebration. Easy to make using the Wilton Countless Celebrations™ cake tin set and your imagination, you can decorate it using various tips and icing colours. This fun cake gives you the freedom to decorate the tree however you’d like! Click here for the tree template.

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You will need:



  • 1.7kg [7 cups] batter of your favourite sponge mix or recipe
  • 1.3kg [5½ cups] Wilton White Ready-to-Use Decorator Icing
  • Wilton Color Right™ Performance Colour System
  • Wilton gold sugar pearls
  • Wilton white sugar pearls
  • Equipment:
  • Wilton Countless Celebrations cake tin set
  • cooling rack
  • Wilton star decorating tip 1m
  • Wilton star decorating tip 21
  • Wilton round decorating tip 12
  • Wilton star decorating tip 6b
  • Wilton drop flower decorating tip 2d
  • Wilton round decorating tip 5
  • Wilton cake icer tip 789
  • Wilton 40cm (16in) disposable decorating bags
  • 22.8cm (9in) palette knife

Icing Colour Tints:

Tint and Prepare Icing:

  • Use Color Right base colours and QuickCountTM colour formulas to tint icing in the following shades:
  • light green: 120g (½ cup) white icing plus 1B and 1Y
  • bright neon green: 120g (½ cup) white icing plus 15Y and 1B
  • bright tree green: 120g (½ cup) white icing plus 6Y and 1B
  • spring meadow green: 480g (2 cups) white icing plus 12Y and 4B
  • tickled teal: 120g (½ cup) white icing plus 4B and 1Y
  • light n’ bright teal: 120g (½ cup) white icing plus 2B and 1Y
  • Christmas red: 120g (½ cup) white icing plus 30R plus 2O and 1C
  • golden yellow: 120g (½ cup) white icing plus 4Y
  • Tint icing following colour combinations provided. Prepare decorating bags with the following tip and icing colour combinations:
  • cake icer tip and spring meadow green icing
  • tip 1m and light green icing
  • tip 21 and bright neon green icing
  • tip 12 and bright tree green icing
  • tip 6b and tickled teal icing
  • tip 2d and light n’ bright teal icing
  • tip 5 and Christmas red icing
  • tip 4b and golden yellow icing




Bake and cool sponge. Spray tin, two ‘C’ and two ‘D’ inserts with non-stick cooking spray. Place ‘C’ inserts on top outer edges of tin and ‘D’ inserts lengthwise on bottom outer edges of tin (see printable diagram on page 65). Fill tin with batter. Bake sponge following recipe instructions. Leave to cool for 10 minutes, then remove inserts and level sponge to top of tin. Invert onto platter and cool completely. Shape sponge. Using the triangle cutter tool, cut six sections of sponge, as outlined in printable diagram, to form the tree.

step 1


Decorate cake. Using icer tip and spring meadow green icing, ice edges of sponge.

step 2


Smooth with palette knife.

step 3


Use tip 1m and light green icing to pipe trunk of tree.

step 4


Pipe various stars, drop flowers and dots, alternating colours, until the sponge is covered.

step 5          step 5.1          


Use tip 5 and red icing to pipe red dot ornaments on the tree.

step 6


Top cake with white and gold sugar pearls.

step 7

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