How To Make Mermaid Tails Using Katy Sue's Moulds (& Other Cakey Creations)

How to make mermaid tails using Katy Sue's moulds (and other cakey creations)

Psst, cakers! If you’re looking for highly detailed, award winning cake decorating moulds look no further than Katy Sue Designs! These stunning moulds are the best way to ensure you end up with stunningly detailed embellishments, borders and more for your cake decorating projects! Katy Sue moulds are known worldwide for their creative designs, stunning detail and superior quality. The moulds are designed and manufactured in the UK and are sold throughout the world to both cake designers and crafters. Have a look below at some videos of these fantastic under the sea themed moulds in action (we’re LOVING the mermaid tails) and head over to today to browse their collection of moulds and for more inspiration. We highly recommend them all and we can’t wait to show you what they’ve been caking. Scroll down for inspo galore, and shop the range here. 


So what did you think, Cakers? Katy Sue moulds look so easy to use, don't they?! Drop us a comment below letting us know which one was your favourite, and remember to browse the range here.