How to Stencil with Royal Icing

final-cover-pic-46089.JPG How to Stencil with Royal Icing

A simple yet effective technique using Sugar Vanilla Stencils

A simple yet effective technique using Sugar Vanilla Stencils

You will need:



  • one cupcake, flat iced with buttercream
  • royal icing, coloured pink
  • Sugar Vanilla Stencils British flowers Set 1 stencil; using the rose design
  • flat edged scraper
  • 65mm round cutter
  • non-stick board
  • rolling pin
  • palette knife


Roll the fondant to 3mm thick.


Place the stencil on top. Do not roll over the stencil as this will stop the royal icing from filling the design.


Using a palette knife cover the stencil with royal icing, smoothing gently.


Holding the stencil in place in the corners, scrape the royal icing away in one smooth motion in the opposite direction. If you have scraped too much away, you can reapply the royal icing so long as you have not stopped holding the stencil in place.


Gently pull the stencil away from the fondant, starting from a top edge and pulling towards you.


Cut around the stencil using a round cutter.


Lift using a palette knife. Work while the royal icing is still wet. Once dried it will crack as you lift it.


Place on top of the cupcake and gently smooth around the edges to secure.


Wash your stencils in between each use to stop lustre dust or icing getting on to your next design. Dry flat between two tea towels.

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