Capitalise on your Christmas Crafting

30 November 2018
DOLLS-HOUSES_-(91)-13136.png Capitalise on your Christmas Crafting
How to make the most of your Christmas crafting, with tips and tricks on selling homemade cards.

 At this, the most wonderful time of the year, we flood our homes with wonderful decorations, too many unnecessary gifts, enough to feed the five thousand (plus a few more!), family board games that end in someone flipping the Monopoly board over (I’m looking at you Grandma) … and most importantly, we fill them with togetherness and love. And what is the most effective way to show your family and friends that you can be with this festive season your affections? Why, with the perfect, handmade Christmas card of course!

While this time of the year can get pricey, with many of us feeling the strain financially after some very ‘deer’ purchases, you can always squeeze in some extra cardmaking along with your special family makes and get selling! Here are our tips and tricks to selling your handmade cards in a very commercialised Christmas climate.

🎵 ‘Tis the season to sell your cards 🎵

Now that we’ve put ‘Deck the Halls’ in your head, let’s get down to business!

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Maximise your assets

            If you want to make some decent money in the lead up to Christmas, you need to plan ahead. Find out where near you is holding Christmas fairs, fetes and markets. Car boots are often an excellent platform to sell handmade cards. Get yourself online as well, setting up free adverts in ‘Free Ads’ and use social media to spread the word. You can even open a little online shop on websites such as Folksy, Etsy and Not on the High Street. Call into your local tearooms, coffee shops and independent gift shops and see if they would be interested in advertising and/or stocking your creations. Apply for a stall and use the table space to maximum effect; bring plenty of designs to showcase and really sell your stand.

Sell your brand

            We all know that the cardmaking world is rife with competition, especially at this time of year. So really think about how you can make yourself stand out. Really communicate your own style and theme – are your makes traditional? Contemporary? Novelty? Perhaps you’re a mixed media artist who doesn’t follow a style! Either way, make your design inspiration clear in its presentation and showcase why it is unique compared to both the commercialised supermarket cards and the plethora of handmade cards around us. Branding is essential! Even if you’re just a small-time seller, it can have the biggest impact.

Preparation is key

There’s no shelf life with cardmaking, so start to gather your materials at this time of year, ready to start on next years’ makes! You can read magazines and blogs (including ours!) on what trends are predicted for the upcoming year, meaning you can start your cards from the moment the clock strikes 12 on New Years Eve!

Homemade is best made

There is a current revolution against commercialisation and a call to arms to save local shops and businesses, so now really is the time to capitalise on your individuality! Handmade cards are in demand, with many supermarkets desperately (and futilely) attempting to recreate that homely feeling. So be part of the revolution, stand up and use these tips and tricks to make a little extra to spend on your loved ones this Christmas… or save up for a special independent holiday in the Bahamas, your choice!

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