Careers and Hobbies digi stamps series: download and colour your favourite!

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02 November 2022
Check out the full list of free career and hobby themed digi stamp downloads - perfect for colouring on all your handmade cards and papercraft projects!

Colours around the world will love this selection of free digi stamp downloads to colour using your favourite mediums! 

Scared of using digi stamps? Don't be! Digi stamps are also known as 'digital stamps' or 'downloadable stamps' and are simply is a black and white outline of an image that you can download onto your digital device (computer, laptop, phone etc.) and then print out as many times as you wish.

What makes these stamps so versatile is, if you're good with computers, you can play around with the image such as changing the size, or flip the image, before you print it and colour it in and make it your own before using it in your papercraft project.

But don't worry, digi stamps aren't only for the computer-savvy! They're so simple to download and print, so if you prefer to keep things traditional, you can colour and redesign with them to your heart's content without getting all technical. 

So simply follow the links below to any (or all!) of the star sign digi stamp downloads and enjoy these fabulous free hobby and career themed digi stamps as many times as you like!

Career and Hobby digi stamps...

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