DIY crumpled paper background: step-by-step tutorial

24 February 2021
In this tutorial learn how to make a funky crumpled paper background that involves paper and dye, sure to brighten any cardmaking or papercraft projects!

This technique is such a simple process – perfect for the kids to get involved with! The results are similar to the tie-dye technique and it's the ideal project for when time is of the essence. Enjoy! 

DIY crumpled paper background tutorial 

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You will need

  • Watercolour card by Canson
  • Angel Pink, Rose Bud and Dandelion Memento Dye Re-Inker
  • Paintbrush


1. Spritz some water onto the watercolour paper.

2. Crumple the paper into a ball.

3. Drop a few splashes of Re-Inker into a palette and mix with a little water.

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4. Using a paintbrush, brush over the crumpled paper in a random fashion. 

5. Open the paper carefully. If there are lots of areas without colour, crumple it again and apply more ink.

6. Add further colour in a fashion. Once done, open the crumpled paper and let it air dry to finish.

Top tip! Make sure to open and crumple the paper softly as when wet the paper can easily tear.

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