DIY Father’s Day gift box tutorial

29 May 2020
Create a DIY Father’s Day gift box to send treats to your dad or father figure with this wonderful papercrafting tutorial from Sam Calcott. 

This homemade Father’s Day gift box is a wonderful way to show your appreciation to your dad or father figure in your life, especially when you fill it with their favourite goodies! 

The best bit? You don’t need lots of materials and the design can be adapted to what you’ve got in your paper stash. You can also adjust the measurements to suit the size of your gifts. A simple but effective Father’s Day gift! Let’s get papercrafting…

How to make a Father’s Day gift box

By Sam Calcott, a.k.a. Mixed Up Craft.


DIY Father’s Day gift box tutorial

What do I need?

  • Kraft card
  • Wild at Heart paper pad by First Edition
  • Greatest Dad stamp set by Docrafts 
  • Scoreboard
  • Trimmer
  • Brown inkpad
  • Stamping block or platform
  • Velcro dot (optional)

How do I make it?

1. Cut two pieces of 19.5x21cm Kraft card for the base and lid of the box.

2. Score both pieces along the 19.5cm side at 5cm, fold and crease well.

3. Cut Kraft card to 30x24cm for the bottom tray and score all four sides at 2.5cm and 5cm, fold and crease well. 


4. Cut two pieces of 24x20cm Kraft card for the two smaller trays and score all four sides on both pieces at 2.5cm and 5cm. Fold and crease well.

5. On all three pieces, along all the longer sides, cut up all the score lines to the second score line.


6. There will be four smaller squares in each corner, remove the outer three, leaving one small square to form the tab.


7. Apply glue to the top of the square tab and stick onto the inside of the next side to form a right angle and the corner of the tray. Repeat this process on every corner of all of the trays.


8. Apply glue to the inside of all the long sides and fold in the other pieces to re-enforce the trays.

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9. Cut two 5cm squares from Kraft card for the hinges. Score both pieces along one side at 2.5cm. Fold and crease well.

10. Apply a small amount of glue to the back corners of the large tray as shown and attach the hinges with half overhanging from the tray.  

11. Add glue all over the bottom and back of the tray and stick onto the base piece with the 5cm section stuck on the back.

12. Cut six pieces of Kraft card measuring 2.5x20cm and stick them all on top of each other, then adhere the whole piece onto the back of the base tray to form a small ledge for the top trays to rest on.

13. Add some glue to the top side parts of both hinges only and attach the trays.


14. Cut two pieces of 24.1x5cm Kraft card for the side supports and score along the 24.1cm sides at 10.1cm. Fold and crease well.

15. Add some glue along the sides of the top trays and hinge and adhere the side support pieces.

16. Apply some glue on the back of the box and adhere the lid.

17. Cut a piece of 2.5x12cm Kraft card for the closure. Score along the 12cm side at 2.5cm and 7.5cm, fold and score well. Apply some glue to the larger section and stick under the box in the centre.

18. Cut patterned paper to 20x13.5cm to decorate the lid, two pieces to 9.4x4.5cm to decorate the very front sections and two pieces of 13.5x4.5cm to decorate the side.

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19. Cut a further two pieces of patterned paper to 13.5x9.5cm to decorate the smaller trays and one piece of 20x13.5cm patterned paper to decorate the bottom tray. Cut a 20x2.5cm strip to decorate the inside back of the box as shown. 

20. Finally add a small Velcro dot under the tab to close the box.


A versatile gift ready to fill with their favourite things. The joy of a project like this is you can adapt to suit any occasion – Father’s Day and beyond!

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