Emma Williams: why should you subscribe?

30 May 2019
BLOG-SIZE-MAIN-06992.jpg Emma Williams: why should you subscribe?
We asked expert cardmaker and regular contributor Emma Williams on how a subscription to Making Cards & Papercraft magazine can help you become the papercrafter you dream of being!


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But, you may be asking yourself, why else should I subscribe? What can a subscription to Making Cards & Papercraft offer me?

We could give you so many reasons, but why listen to us? We hear you, so we chatted to expert crafter Emma Williams, who explains why the worth of having a Making Cards & Papercraft subscription is more than just financial... As one of our regular project contributors, she has taken time away from her beloved craft room to catch us up on her inspirational journey into becoming one of our top card designers as well...


As a lifelong creative, tell us about your background, and how crafting became your career.

I was always surrounded by art and design and would spend many happy hours as a child drawing, colouring and making. You’d always find me in the art room surrounded by messy paint, so moving into craft was a natural progression - it was something that really interested me and that I enjoyed doing. It was so much fun to sit down with all the amazing products that were on the market and teach myself new techniques.

Emma williams cards 1


What gave you the push to just go for it and start working with fabulous brands?

I’d already started designing cards as a hobby and would make them to give to family and friends. I loved stamping and I was always trying out new techniques that I found in magazines or on blogs, but it was when I saw Tim Holtz demonstrating on television that I instantly knew exactly what style of craft appealed to me. His enthusiasm and all the wonderful products that he was bringing to the market sparked my imagination uncontrollably, and I was so excited to try out all his tips and techniques. From that moment, I was totally and utterly hooked! I began sharing my designs through my blog and after joining a couple of design teams, it grew from there. When I look back now, so many of my crafting dreams have come true!

Emma Williams cards 2


What is your ultimate top tip for a crafter starting out?

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Sharing your work through your own blog, or through social media platforms really helps to get your designs seen, and you will be encouraged by the responses and feedback that you receive from your fellow
community. Making Card & Papercraft also encourage readers to get featured in the magazine. Sharing your latest projects can be so much fun as well as giving you a platform to showcase your designs. MC&P love readers to send in their makes. Getting your cards published is such a wonderful achievement so it’s definitely worth trying to get your creations seen in print!

Emma Williams cards 4


What advice would you give to artists chasing the dream of being a better crafter?

The main advice I would give anyone is to find a style that is true to you and always use products that you really love and have an affinity with. You have to feel it; be enthusiastic about what you’re making and enjoy using the products you are using, because this will show in your work and how you present your finished projects. Joining local craft clubs or going to workshops can also help you to develop and in turn you will meet other crafters who will encourage you to carry on creating. Perseverance is definitely key. Believe in yourself, your craft and every project you create. It only takes one person to recognise your talent and from there, the world is your oyster.

Emma Williams card 3


What would you say to a crafter who is stuck in a rut, or having a creative low moment?

Always believe in yourself, your designs and ideas. We all have disasters and days when our minds go blank, but magazines such as MC&P, card designers’ blogs or Pinterest can be a wealth of inspiration to get your creativity flowing again. I simply flick open an old issue of Making Cards & Papercraft for inspiration when I’m feeling unsure what to do next!

What does MC&P magazine bring to the craft table?

The eclectic designers that create card projects each month are a wonderful source of inspiration, even for us designers! There is always something for everyone, whether your style might be mixed media, stamping, die cutting, vintage or modern. There are plenty of easy to follow tutorials and top tips showcasing new ideas and products, and each project is designed with the reader in mind.
Why wouldn’t you subscribe?

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Well, you heard it from the expert

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So what are you waiting for? Nurture that curiosity for craft! Satisfy that taste for learning and subscribe to Making Cards & Papercraft magazine to ensure you never miss a project again! Afterall, with each tutorial, your crafting gets better and better!

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