Free digi stamp: Sagittarius

03 October 2019
Free digi stamp: Sagittarius
Celebrate your recipient's strength with this stunning Sagittarius digi stamp.

What better way is there to personalise your cards than with a zodiac reference your recipient is sure to love? This fabulous free digi stamp is available to print as many times as you wish, so have fun and see how many different ways you can style this spectacular Sagittarius digi stamp. 

A few facts about Sagittarius...

Sagittarians are constantly on a quest for knowledge. They are generous with a great sense of humour, but often promise more than they can deliver and are impatient. 

Dates: November 22 - December 21.

Compatible signs: Gemini & Aries.

Strengths: Idealistic, humorous, generous, optimistic.

Weaknesses: Impatient, tactless, impulsive, erratic.

Sagittarius likes: Travelling, philosophy, being outside, freedom. 

Sagittarius dislikes: Conspiracy theories, confinement, cautiousness, directions.

Know someone who suits these qualities? Click here for your Sagittarius digi download!

Psst, don't fret if the card you're crafting isn't for someone with the Sagittarius star sign, you can simply leave out the writing and celebrate friends and family who love the great outdoors. 

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Colour the stars project... Sagittarius

Designer: Faye Wynn-Jones

Contributor Faye Wynn-Jones shows how she’s interpreted a digi stamp representing the Sagittarius star sign, demonstrating how she’s used colour to bring the image to life. Follow the steps below to create your own Sagittarius digi stamp card!

Sagittarius digi stamp card of woman with bow and arrow

What do I need? 

Guide to using Copic marker pens: 

Skin: E000 (Ciao), E00 (Ciao), E01 (Sketch), E71 (Ciao)
Hair, gloves, belt: E08 (Ciao), E19 (Sketch), E18 (Ciao)
Eyes: B60 (Ciao), B63 (Sketch)
Dress: BG72 (Ciao), BG18 (Sketch), BG75 (Sketch)
Boots, bow: E42 (Sketch), E43 (Ciao), E44 (Sketch) 

How do I make it? 

  1. Create a 10.5x14cm white card blank with the fold at the top. 
  2. Re-size the digital image to measure 11cm high and print on white card.
  3. Colour the image using the markers listed. 
  4. Trim the image panel using the second largest die from the set. 
  5. Cut patterned paper to 5x14cm and a second piece measuring 7x14cm. Tear the edge from the left side on the larger piece and layer the two together. 
  6. Tie twine around the two pieces of paper and secure at the back. Fix to the right of the card front. 
  7. Attach image to the centre with foam pads. 
  8. Tie a twine bow around the bottom of the twine to finish. 

Where can I buy it?

Paper pad & dies available from

Want to make a stunning star-sign themed card but your recipient isn't Sagittarius? No worries, we've got a digi download for that! Check out the full series of zodiac digi stamps ready for downloading below...

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