How to create a bubble technique background

17 June 2021
Learn how to create a bubble technique background for your cardmaking and papercrafting projects in this quick and easy tutorial!

Get your straw at the ready to create a bubble-tastic background!

The bubble technique is a low-cost way to create a brilliant background. Simply press your paper into the bubbles blown in a mixture of ink and water diluted with generic household washing up powder. The bubbles will ‘pop’ and leave an impression on the paper.

The technique will produce an endless supply of unique backgrounds! Large bubbles create big, wide circles on the page, whereas small bubbles create a texture that looks like foam, simply change the colours used to change the look.

Easy bubble technique tutorial

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You will need

  • Distress re-inkers – Picked Raspberry, Salty Ocean from Country View Crafts
  • Orange Brushos Crystals from That's Crafty
  • Washing up liquid
  • White card
  • Bowl or plastic container
  • Straw

What are Brusho Crystals? 

Colorfin-Brusho Crystals are versatile watercolor ink crystals that can be used in a myriad of different ways. They can be used on paper, canvas or even wood. Sprinkle them directly on a wet substrate and watch intriguing organic patterns appear almost like magic. You can also sprinkle on a wet brush, dissolve in water and apply with a spray bottle or add to gel mediums. Working with Brusho Crystals by Chel Micheline.

Top tip! Leave the bubbles to stand a while on the card as the colour develops further after a few minutes.


1. Take the Picked Raspberry re-inker and add a few drops to a plastic container.

2. Add approximately half an inch of water to the re-inker and then add a few drops of washing up liquid to the mix. Stir the liquid mix together.

3. Using a straw blow into the liquid to create bubbles – continue to blow into the straw until the bubbles are flowing over the top of the bowl.

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4. Take a piece of white card and dab it onto the bubbles – this adds bubbles of ink to the card. Repeat this process until you're happy with the coverage of colour. Allow the bubbles to sit on the card for a few moments for a more intensified colour.

5. Repeat the same process but this time add Salty Ocean re-inker to a plastic bowl. Add approximately half an inch of water and a few drops of washing up liquid to the mix and then stir to mix the liquid together. Use a straw to blow into the liquid to create bubbles and then dab the card once again onto the bubbles and then remove. This adds a second layer of colour. You can repeat this process to intensify the colour or keep the second colour more subtle in the background.

6. Repeat the same process but this time add a few sprinkles of Brusho Crystals to a plastic container and then add the water and washing up liquid and stir to mix the contents together and then blow to create bubbles. Dab the card a couple of times onto the bubbles and then set aside to dry.

Enjoyed making this bubble background? Why not try a different technique and learn how to create a background using PanPastels and Gelatos. 

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