How to create a credit card art background

08 October 2020
This arty background using an old credit card/store card and a few other materials is so easy to do and achieves great results!

There are endless background techniques to choose from in cardmaking! One of these is a technique using a credit card (or old store card) and paints to create a mixed media effect that looks SO professional!

Learn how to create your own credit card art background below in eight simple steps! 

Credit card art tutorial

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You will need

  • Ripe Persimmon, Fired Brick, Shaded Lilac, Salty Ocean and Mowed Lawn Distress Paints
  • White A4 card
  • Heat tool
  • Old credit/store card
  • Non-stick craft sheet

Top tip! Change the paint colours to suit the projects you're working on! 


1. Place a piece of white card onto a non-stick craft sheet. Spritz the background of the card with water.

spritz background

Top tip! Spritzing the background of the card with water when using Distress Paints aids with blending.

2. Add a small amount of each of the colours of Distress Paint to a non-stick craft sheet as shown.

coloured paints for credit card art

3. Take an old credit or store card and run the card through the Shaded Lilac Distress Paint – this is the lightest colour and will be our first layer of colour.

first layer of colour for credit card art

4. Scrape the credit card across the white card and drag the card across the card to apply the first layer of paint.

scraping credit card

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5. Repeat this process with each of the colours; applying Salty Ocean and then Mowed Lawn, again dragging the credit card across the white card, applying layers of colour as you move around the background.

adding layers of colour using credit card

6. Repeat the same process to add Fired Brick Distress Paint to the background. If any paint builds up against the credit card simply drag the paint across the card. Continue with each of the colours, applying the paint to the background with the credit card filling any white space with paint, laying one colour over another.

creating a background using a credit card

7. Apply a further layer of Shaded Lilac Distress Paint to the top of the layers as this is the lightest colour and will add highlights to the top of the layers.

credit card art background

8. Dry all the layers of paint with a heat tool or put to one side to dry naturally to finish.

drying background

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