How to create a marble background using shaving foam

15 July 2021
Learn how to create a memorising marble background using shaving foam and ink in this fun tutorial!

The wonderful thing about this technique, as with the others is that no two prints will ever be the same and it’s all about experimenting and having fun! You can use many sorts of different inks – acrylics, food colouring, etc. and even apply the technique to material – it needn’t be just paper!

Marble background tutorial

You will need

  • White card
  • Peacock Feathers, Wilted Violet and Shaded Lilac Distress re-Inkers
  • Skewer/knitting needle
  • Can of traditional mens shaving foam

Top tip! Add as much ink as desired and change the colours to suit your project! You can even add colours after a creation to create another.


1. Squirt a good amount of shaving foam into a plastic container (note – not shaving gel!) and level off the foam using a spatula or ruler. It doesn’t particularly matter what type or brand of shaving foam you use.

marble background step 1

2. Begin to drop small dots of Peacock Feathers, Wilted Violet and Shaded Lilac re-Inkers onto the surface of the foam. Approximately six drops of each colour were added here but add as much as desired.

marble background step 2

3. Use a skewer or knitting needle to mix and blend the colours together by using a swirling motion. Don't over mix at this stage as the print will become muddy.

marble background step 3

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4. Lay your white card over the coloured foam, pushing it down lightly and evenly so that you pick up all the colour. It's a good idea to have a cloth or water handy for wiping shaving foam covered hands!

marble background step 4

5. Lift and pull back the card and place on a craft sheet to protect your work surface.

marble background step 5

6. Use a ruler or spatula to remove the foam leaving the ink impression on the paper. If you can, it's better to remove all the foam layer in one go. Work quickly to remove the foam by dragging over the top of the paper in one sweeping motion either towards or away from you.

marble background step 6

7. Dab away any excess with a piece of kitchen towel before heat drying the card to finish.

marble background step 7

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