How to create a rice textured background

31 December 2021
Learn how to use rice to create a background as unique as a snowflake, perfect for your cardmaking and papercrafting projects!

Recreate this easy-to-follow tutorial in just six simple steps! It's fun to sit back and watch while this simple technique takes hold...

DIY rice texture background tutorial

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You will need

  • Canson Watercolour paper
  • Teal and Crystal Blue Kaleidacolor Re-Inker
  • Rice
  • Paintbrush
  • Masking tape
  • Water spritzer


1. Mask all four sides of the watercolor paper and attach to your work surface. 

Rice texture background step 1

2. Using a mister bottle or spritzer apply water to the surface of the watercolour card.

Rice texture background step 2

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3. Drop the ink colours of your choice into a palette.

Rice texture background step 3

4. Dab some ink onto the wet paper using a brush. The inks will move and blend in the water sitting on the surface of the paper.

Rice texture background step 4

5. Sprinkle rice onto the wet and inked paper. Any rice is ok. Leave to dry. 

Rice texture background step 5

6. Sit and watch as the rice dries – it'll absorb some water and start forming some beautiful blooms about the paper, the pattern of which will be unique every time, as original as the pattern of a snowflake. 

Rice texture background step 6

Create a collection of different backgrounds using a selection of various card making techniques including a floral background using Gesso resist, a marble background using shaving foam, a textured background using salt and more!

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