How to create a tape resist background with splatter paint

19 November 2020
Learn how to create your own tape resist background with splatter paint in eight simple steps!

This background technique is perfect for cutting up and using as backgrounds for card designs and journal pages. It's also perfect for using with your die cuts and die-cutting shapes from the background... but most of all it's incredibly liberating to get messy! Enjoy!

Tape resist with splatter paint tutorial

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You will need

  • Bubblegum Pink, Fresh Lime, Crushed Grape, Squeezed Orange and Vibrant Turquoise Dylusions Acrylic Paint from Art From The Heart
  • Paintbrush
  • White card
  • Masking or washi tape

Top tip! With this fun technique it's best to work outside as things can get a little messy! 


1. Tear lengths of masking or washi tape and adhere each strip randomly onto the white card. You can alter the thicknesses of tape for a more random appearance using thicker and finer strips.

2. For the next step it's best to work outside. Place out five or more paints (this background uses Dylusions) of your choice along with five paintbrushes of different sizes.

3. Dip one of the paintbrushes into the first colour of paint and then flick the paint onto the white card using your wrist to project the paint across the paper.

4. Continue with the same process, flicking differing colours of paint onto the background using different thicknesses of paintbrush. You may choose to target the paper from different angles or the same – this will affect the result.

5. Continue splattering paint onto the background until you're happy with the coverage.

6. Put the paper aside and allow the paint to dry naturally or dry with a heat tool.

7. Once the paint is completely dry, remove the masking tape from the background.

The masking tape resists any of the paint splatters and creates a decorative pattern.

Top tip! If removed carefully, the tape could also be used on your crafty projects.

Now you've mastered tape resist art backgrounds, learn how to create a credit card art background!

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