How to create an ink splatter background with masking

10 December 2020
This ink splatter background is so simple that anyone can achieve the great effect left behind when you remove your masks. Just don't forget your toothbrush!

Learn how to make a whacky and vibrant card background for your friends and family in this fun tutorial. This messy ink splatter technique is a perfect activity to involve the kids in, so get your unused toothbrush at the ready!

Ink splatter technique 

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You will need 

  • Watercolor card by Canson
  • Angel Pink, Rose Bud, Lilac Posies and Dandelion Memento Dye ink Re-Inkers
  • Toothbrush
  • Scoring tool
  • Bone folder 


1. Cut square shapes of various sizes using any scraps of paper with a pair of scissors. Lay the pieces onto a piece of watercolor paper to act as masks.

2. Drop a small amount of re-inker in the first colour of your choice into a palette.

3. Take a toothbrush and wet it a little in water before dipping it into the ink.

Top tip! This background needn’t use square shapes. Why not use the shapes left from die-cutting or die-cut shapes to coordinate with the theme of your design? 

4. Holding a bone folder in one hand and the toothbrush in the other, drag the toothdrusk over the bone folder to make tiny splatters which are directed at your watercolour paper.

5. Very carefully, remove some of the cut pieces of paper using a tweezers making sure not to move the rest of the pieces.

6. Add a few drops of your second colour ink into the palette and repeat step 4. Once done, remove few more pieces and repeat the step again using the remaining inks. 

Now you know how to create an ink splatter background, learn how to create a tape resist background with splatter paint!

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