How to make a paper poinsettia

03 December 2021
Create a pretty poinsettia paper flower to hang on your tree or decorate your baubles in this easy-to-follow tutorial...

It wouldn't be Christmas without a floral display of poinsettia flowers, so why not create your very own paper versions in just ten steps!

DIY paper poinsettia tutorial

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You will need 

  • Poinsettia template
  • Red card
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife (optional)
  • Ink pad (Momento Rich Cocoa was used in the tutorial)
  • Glue pen
  • Decoration for centre of flower

Download your template for the tutorial here

You'll notice that there are lots of templates to choose from within this download – you can select the paper poinsettia templates you need but you're welcome to use the rest in other papercrafting projects, too!


1. Using the template provided, create a master template of each of the sizes of poinsettia flower. Use the desired sizes to draw around onto red card.

Poinsettia step 1

2. Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully trim around the design.

Poinsettia step 2

3. Using a craft knife, or the blade of a pair of scissors gently score down the centre of each leaf.

Poinsettia step 3

4. Carefully bend the leaves to enhance the fold.

Poinsettia step 4

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5. With the fold positioned as a mountain fold and using a suitable ink pad, lightly dab the leaves. You particularly want to highlight the fold. Be sure to ink the edges also.

Poinsettia step 5

6. Repeat the previous steps with the size leaves required for the project. Then, using your glue pen, apply adhesive to the centre of the flowers.

Poinsettia step 6

7. Having re-bent the score to create a valley fold, layer together being careful to slightly offset the petals.

Poinsettia step 7

8. Choose how you'd like to decorate the centre of your flower.

Poinsettia step 8

9. Using the leaf template, cut out some leaves that coordinate in size with your flower and attach to the back of the flower.

Poinsettia step 9

10. Finish by re-creasing the leaves for definition.

Poinsettia step 10

Now you know how to make a paper poinsettia, why not make a few more and create a pretty poinsettia bunting? Or, switch paper for felt in our felt poinsettia tutorial

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