How to make a paper rosette

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Learn how to create a paper rosette decoration to hang from the ceiling or the tree in this festive step-by-step tutorial...

Follow the seven simple steps to create your very own paper rosette...

DIY paper rosette tutorial 

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You will need


1. Choose the paper you wish to use to create your rosette. For larger sizes you'll need to attach several coordinating pieces together. On the reverse of the paper use a ruler to draw horizontal lines, equal distances apart.

Rosette step 1

2. Using a score tool or a craft knife very gently score along the lines being careful not to cut though.

Rosette step 2

3. Fold the paper into a concertina – this will happen easily thanks to the scored lines. 

Rosette step 3

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4. Repeat the steps above with as many pieces as required to create the size of the rosette desired.

Rosette step 4

5. Apply a strong adhesive along the edge of one piece.

Rosette step 5

6. Attach another piece being careful to line up the top edges.

Rosette step 6

7. Once you've created your desired size apply glue to the centre on the back to hold the rosette together firmly. 

Rosette step 7

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