How to make a pop up cake card: DIY birthday or wedding card!

19 June 2020
Learn how to make a pop up cake card, perfect for birthdays, weddings and engagements with this simple tutorial from Sam Calcott. 

This DIY pop up cake card is a real delight – when your recipient opens it up, they’re greeted with a wonderful 3D pop up surprise! These cards are ideal for weddings, engagements or those special birthdays, easily personalised with your choice of decoration. 

Pop up cards use different techniques. This card uses the card blank to create the pop-up element. 

How to make a pop up tiered-cake card

By Sam Calcott, a.k.a. Mixed Up Craft.

Follow the step-by-step tutorial below, or watch the video.

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You will need

  • Paper Addicts 'Once Upon A Dream' paper pad
  • First Edition 'Build A Cupcake' die set
  • Yellow card
  • White card
  • Die-cutting machine
  • Foam tape or double-sided tape.
  • Ribbon
  • Liquid glue
  • Mirrored card
  • Metal ruler
  • T-square ruler (optional)

Pop up cake card tutorial

1. Mark out the cake tier shape following the template on a piece of 24x17cm white card.


Top tip! Use the template to get accurate measurements or make your own to help guide you!

2. Using a cutting knife and metal ruler cut all the horizontal lines.


Top tip! Use a T-square ruler to avoid wonky lines!

3. Score all the vertical lines again using a metal ruler and rub out pencil lines.


4. Pop out the three cake tier shapes which will form create the 3D effect, fold the card in half and burnish well.


5. Cut two pieces of 4.5x4.5cm, 3.5x3.5cm and 2x2cm decorative paper and adhere to the six sides of the cake tiers.


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6. Decorate with your chosen die-cuts.


7. Cut a piece of 11.5x16.5cm pattern paper and adhere to a piece of 12x17cm white card and decorate as desired.


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8. Add glue to one side of the cake piece and stick inside a 18x12.5cm yellow card blank.


9. Add glue to the other side and close the card until the glue and dried.


10. Adhere the front matte and layer piece to the front of the card to finish.


Top tip! If your card is thick or has lots of embellishments, use a box envelope to protect it.

What a gorgeous card! Sam has created a birthday pop up card but you could easily adapt to make an engagement or wedding card – lots of possibilities!


Now you’ve learnt how to make a pop up cake card, try your hand at making an infinity card – they’re not as complicated as they look (we promise!). 

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