Star sign digi stamps series: download and colour your zodiac!

27 March 2020
Check out our full list of star sign digi stamp downloads... Zodiac lovers, this one's for you!

This is a call to (crafty) arms for star sign lovers around the world to unite! Zodiac digi stamps are here and they need love. 

But what exactly are star sign digi stamp downloads? Digi stamps are also known as 'digital stamps' or 'downloadable stamps'. A digi stamp is a black and white outline of an image that you can download onto your digital device (computer, laptop, phone etc.) and then print out as many times as you wish.

Star sign digi stamps example

What makes these stamps so versatile is, if you're good with computers, you can play around with the image before you print it and colour it in and make it your own before using it in your papercraft project.

But don't worry, digi stamps aren't only for the computer-savvy! They're so simple to download and print, so if you prefer to keep things traditional, you can colour and redesign with them to your heart's content without getting all technical. 

So simply follow the links below to any (or all!) of the star sign digi stamp downloads and enjoy these fabulous free zodiac digi stamps as many times as you like!

Star sign digi stamps

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Aquarius digi stamp

Aquarius star sign digi stamps

20th January  - 18th February
Are you an independent humanitarian who can be a little temperamental? You must be an Aquarius! Find out more about this energetic problem-solving zodiac sign and get your awesome Aquarius digi stamp download here.

Pisces digi stamp

Pisces star sign digi stamps

19th February – 20th March
Do people find you compassionate and artistic? Can you sometimes be stung by being too trusting? You're definitely a Pisces. Learn more about this friendly and emotional zodiac sign and get your perfect Pisces star sign digi stamp here.

Aries digi stamp

Aries illustrated digi stamp of a girl holding a doughnut

21st March – 19th April
Would you call yourself courageous and passionate? Perhaps a little impatient? If so, you're an Aries for sure. Find out more about this dynamic and competitive star sign and get your adventurous Aries zodiac digi stamp here.

Taurus digi stamp

Taurus digi stamp illustration of girl holding flowers

20th April – 20th May
Would you say you're a patient and responsible person who can sometimes be pretty stubborn? You're 100% a Taurus! Learn more about this practical and stringent zodiac and download your tremendous Taurus star sign digi stamp here.

Gemini digi stamp

Gemini star sign digi stamps

21st May - 20th June
Gentle and affectionate with an aversion to repetition and routine? You must be a Gemini! Find out more about this expressive and unpredictable star sign and get your gorgeous Gemini star sign digi stamp download here

Cancer digi stamp

Cancer  star sign digi stamps

21st June – 22nd July
Are you highly imaginative and loyal but can be a little insecure at times? Then you're definitely a Cancer! Learn all about this sympathetic and tenacious star sign with this creative Cancer star sign digi stamp download

Leo digi stamp

 Leo star sign digi stamps

23rd July – 22nd August
Creative and generous with a love for a lazy day? You're totally a Leo. Find out more about this generous and dramatic zodiac and download your lovely Leo star sign digi stamp here.

Virgo digi stamp

 Virgo star sign digi stamps

23rd August – 22nd September
Do people find you loyal, hardworking and a bit of a worrier? If so, you're a Virgo for sure. Learn more about this detail-oriented and kind star sign with a vivacious Virgo zodiac digi stamp download.

Libra digi stamp

Libra  star sign digi stamps

23rd September – 22nd October
Are you an amiable social butterfly who's not always great at making decisions? You're definitely a Libra! Learn all about this outdoorsy and well-balanced sign of the zodiac with this loquacious Libra star sign digi stamp download.

Scorpio digi stamp

Scorpio  star sign digi stamps

23rd October – 21st November
Would people say you are a resourceful and passionate friend who is prone to getting a little jealous? Then you're 100% a Scorpio. Find out more about this brave and stubborn star sign with this stunning Scorpio zodiac digi stamp.  

Sagittarius digi stamp

Sagittarius digi stamp of girl with bow and arrow

22nd November – 21st December
Generous and humorous with a tendency to be impatient? You're totally a Sagittarius! Learn all about this fearless and energetic star sign and download your strong Sagittarius star sign digi stamp here.

Capricorn digi stamp

Capricorn  star sign digi stamps

22nd December – 19th January
Responsible and traditional and can be a bit of a know-it-all? Then you're definitely a Capricorn. Find out all about this practical and disciplined sign of the zodiac with this captivating Capricorn star sign digi download.

If you want to jazz up your star sign digi stamps with exciting artwork (we know how talented you all are!) or some stunning craft papers to get even more creative with these zodiac digi stamps, check out our craft store for all your papercraft needs.

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