The Circus free digi stamp series: download, colour & have fun!

28 January 2022
Roll up, roll up! Check out our full list of circus-themed digi stamp downloads, all free and ready to bring life and fun to your cardmaking and papercrafting projects…

One for all you circus lovers! The Circus digi stamp series is perfect if you're looking to create fun and meaningful cards for your friends and family. These versatile and entertaining stamps are easy to adapt to suit whatever the occasion – simply add the sentiment of your choice.

Not sure what digi stamps are? Digi stamps are also known as 'digital stamps' or 'downloadable stamps' – a black and white outline of an image that you can download onto your digital device (computer, laptop, phone etc.) and then print out as many times as you wish.

These stamps are so adaptable because you can play around with the image size before you print, colour and make them your own – perfect for tailoring to any project!

Not computer-savvy? No problem! Digital stamps can be printed as they are so you can colour them without getting all technical. 

Follow the links below to any (or all!) of the circus digi stamp downloads and enjoy these fabulous free digi stamps as many times as you like!

The Circus ircus digi stamps

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Ringmaster digi stamp 

Ringmaster digi stamp

Roll up, roll up! Gather round for a spectacular digi stamp for your next crafty project! Here to introduce and start off the circus digi stamp series is our fabulous ringmaster digi stamp download...

Download 'ringmaster' digi stamp

Strongwoman digi stamp

Strong woman digi stamp

Have a friend or family member who might need reminding of just how strong they are? This powerful character will help to get your message across. 

Download 'strongwoman' digi stamp

Tightrope walker digi stamp 

Tightrope Walker digi stamp

An elegant, cool and confident tightrope walker is a great character to add to your papercraft projects. A great addition to a little girl's birthday card or for a young and talented ballerina...

Download 'tightrope walker' digi stamp 

Contortionist digi stamp


A flexible and fun character, the contortionist stamp is perfect for a circus lover or gymnast! 

Download 'contortionist' digi stamp

Magician digi stamp 


Conjure up magical cards with this marvellous magician. Download your magician digi stamp here and use in an array of papercrafting projects. 

Download 'magician' digi stamp

Unicyclist digi stamp 


Add our super talented unicyclist character to your cardmaking projects, perfect on her own, or alongside her other circus pals!

Download 'unicyclist' digi stamp

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Lion tamer digi stamp

Lion Tamer

A roar-some addition to any card, download the lion tamer digi stamp to create a lovely card for a friend who's wild at heart!

Download 'lion tamer' digi stamp

Juggling jester digi stamp

Juggling jester

A circus wouldn't be complete without a juggling jester! This is a perfect stamp for the multi-tasker in your life who is constantly juggling many things. Remind your friend to take a break and... 

Download 'juggling jester' digi stamp

Fortune teller digi stamp 

Fortune teller digi stamp

A mysterious and mesmerising character, the fortune teller is suitable for a 'thinking of you' card. Transform your handcrafted cards with the fortune teller digi stamp download!

Download 'fortune teller' digi stamp

Juggling clown digi stamp

Juggling clown digi stamp

For the practical joker in your life, the juggling clown is a quirky character for your papercrafting projects! Clown around with the juggling clown digi stamp... 

Download 'juggling clown' digi stamp

Accordion clown digi stamp

Accordion clown digi stamp

A happy clown playing her accordion is suitable for any occasion card. Why not use it on a birthday card for a music lover?!

Download 'accordion clown' digi stamp

Snake charmer digi stamp

Snake charmer digi stamp

Add our charming snake charmer character to your cardmaking projects, perfect on her own, or alongside her other circus pals!

Download 'snake charmer' digi stamp

Pair your digi stamps with a selection of lovely craft papers available on our craft store to complete the look! And be sure to explore more digi stamp collections, starting with our star sign digi stamp series – perfect for birthday card inspiration!

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