Types of greetings card: a list

07 February 2020
Did you know there's enough different types of greetings cards to make a list? Read on for every type of greetings card under the sun, plus inspiration and free tutorials from MC&P!

Have you ever found yourself feeling a little helpless because you want to tell a friend just how special they are, but don't quite know how best to say it? Perhaps you have a friend off on a long adventure on the other side of the world and need to say a proper goodbye? We've got you covered with MC&P's comprehensive types of greetings card list to cover all events and sentiments that are best said with a card, with extra inspiration and free tutorials to get the creative juices flowing!

Types of greetings card list

  1. Anniversary card
  2. Baby shower card
  3. Birthday card
  4. Bon voyage card
  5. Christening card
  6. Christmas card
  7. Congratulations card
  8. Easter card
  9. Engagement card
  10. Farewell card
  11. Father's Day card
  12. Friendship card
  13. Get well soon card
  14. Good luck card
  15. Graduation card
  16. Halloween card
  17. Hen/stag do card
  18. Love card
  19. Mother's Day card
  20. New baby card
  21. New home card
  22. New job card
  23. New year card
  24. Retirement card
  25. School card
  26. Sorry card
  27. Sympathy card
  28. Teacher card
  29. Thinking of you card
  30. Valentine's Day card
  31. Wedding card
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Anniversary card

Hand holding

These can be given from one half of a couple to another to celebrate a whole host of different anniversaries. Think these are just for married couples? Think again! There's 'first met' anniversaries, 'engagement' anniversaries, 'first date' anniversaries and more!

Baby shower card

Bbay shower

Holding a baby shower can be a little risky - sometimes a baby decides to be born before the baby shower! However, if you're going to a baby shower, before or after the baby arrives, a card for the baby shower can be a wonderful greeting and a treasured memento. 

Birthday card

Happy birthday

Probably one of the most traditional days to create a card, birthdays are the ideal opportunity to go all out with your papercraft creations and really celebrate the day someone was born in style! Birthday cards normally work best if they're really personal and tailored specifically to that person. 

Don't miss these brilliant birthday card tutorials:

Bon voyage card

bon voyage card

The perfect way to say goodbye to family or friends off on an adventure! Whether your friend is backpacking around the world or your parents are starting a new life abroad, a 'bon voyage' card is perfect for showing how excited (and totally not jealous) you are about their travels.

For a bewitching bon voyage card tutorial, click here.

Christening card

Christening card

While most children being Christened are probably too young to appreciate a card and would far rather eat one, a Christening card can create a wonderful memento for that person to look upon in years to come. Pastel colours, plus whites and golds are often the best colour options for Christening cards.

For cute Christening card inspiration, click here

Christmas card

Christmas card

Sometimes you just can't beat a gorgeous Christmas card! Whether you're a traditionalist, love a modern twist, go CAS with whites and blues or can't resist a shaker card, Christmas is the perfect excuse to go all out with your card making. It's one of the few occasions where this type of greeting card can be created for many different people, so you can always make a Christmas card template that works for you and embellish and alter to your heart's content for individual recipients.

For a tremendously traditional Christmas card tutorial, click here.

For a marvelously modern Christmas card tutorial, click here

Congratulations card

Types of greetings card: a list

A cute congratulations card can really make someone's day. Say your daughter or son has just received an unconditional offer to go to their chosen university, how better to show how proud you are than with a handmade card celebrating their amazing achievement? Give it a few days after the event, when the high from having everyone congratulating them in person has calmed down and we guarantee they'll be smiling again in no time. 

For captivating congratulations card inspiration, click here.

Easter card

easter card

Just like with Christmas, Easter is the perfect time to go all out and make cards exactly how you like to and simply embellish to suit the recipient. Whether traditional Easter cards or cute pastels, even bright complementary colours are your style, Easter is the perfect time to have some fun with your papercraft. 

For an egg-cellent Easter card tutorial, click here.

Engagement card


We simply love to celebrate love here at MC&P, so say a heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple with a lovely little engagement card. Getting engaged is such an exciting event, whether you're 18 or 80, so having a handmade card to cherish that special moment forever will be most welcomed by the love birds. 

Farewell card

farewell card

For a beloved colleague, friend or neighbour who's moving on to pastures new, a farewell card is both a chance to show your appreciation of the person and help stay in contact. While in this day and age most people communicate via the internet, it doesn't hurt to have a hard-copy available to keep up contact once the robots inevitably take over computers and the world...

For fabulous farewell card inspiration, click here.

Father's Day card

Father's Day

The perfect time to tell an important father figure in your life how much you love them. Whether it's your own Dad or step-Dad, a beloved Uncle who is like a Father to you, or even the Father of your children, it's the one day of the year to tell him just how special he is. 

Download this free 'Father's Day' digital craft paper collection and have a go at the quick-make project!

Friendship card

friendship card

Friendship cards mean you can have so much fun simply celebrating a friendship! You can't choose your family but you can choose your friends, so use a friendship card to show them all the reasons why you choose them to be a special part of your life. Did you know that in 2011 the United Nations officially recognized 30th July as International Friendship Day? Now you do!

For a fantastic friendship card tutorial, click here.

Get well soon card

get well soon

Being unwell is one of the most difficult experiences of a person's life, whether it's the flu or a life-changing condition. Physical or mental health alike, a 'get well soon' card is a beautiful way to tell someone you're thinking of them and wishing them well. Always take care with these cards, as ill health can be a sensitive subject, but a heartfelt card with a lovely long message can sometimes be just what a person needs to cheer them up at the worst time. 

Here's some gorgeous get well soon card inspiration, or try these handmade 'get well soon' cards made by layering or 'paper piecing'.

Good luck card

good luck card

A good luck card is so versatile, it can be used for a whole host of different events and opportunities. Sending someone a good luck card because of an event outside of the usual card making celebrations (we don't think there's a universal type of greeting card for 'good luck on your first skydive!) gives you freedom to really play around and enjoy making a card for a very specific occasion. 

For great good luck card inspiration, click here.

Graduation card


When we say 'graduation', it doesn't just mean someone finishing university. You can have graduation ceremonies when finishing pre-school now! No matter the age or institution, graduating is a momentous moment for anyone, so show them how pleased you are with a personalised graduation card.

Halloween card


Celebrate the most spooktacular of days with a fang-tastic Halloween card that will really lift their spirits! Plus, as you may have noticed, Halloween is one of the punniest events of the year, so trick or treat yo'self and go all-out on a Halloween card that celebrates all that's boo-tiful about the season. If you've got it, haunt it!

Don't miss these pawsome DIY dog Halloween cards!

Hen/stag do card

hen do love card

While hen and stag dos are notoriously all about drinking too much and partying through the night, that makes it the perfect chance to give a card and create what might be the only lasting memory of the night!

For heartwarming hen/stag do inspiration, click here.

Love card

love card

We just love a love card and it's the perfect opportunity to tell someone how you feel without waiting for an occasion. Whether it's love for a best friend, a sibling, a cousin, an aunt-who's-not-actually-an-aunt-by-blood-but-still-an-aunt, your children or even Karen next door - sometimes you just need to tell someone how much you love them. 

For a lovely love card tutorial, click here.

Mother's Day card

Not to be outdone by Father's Day, Mother's Day is a wonderful day to celebrate anyone in your life that's an amazing mum. Your own mum, her mum, her mum's mum, her mum's mum's mum... you get the idea! Maybe your step-mum, maybe your daughter who has just had her first child, Mother's Day makes for a glorious day of card making for all the inspirational mothers around. 

Have you checked out our free Mother's Day Digital Craft Papers? Simply click to open, print and use as many times as you wish! You will also find inspiration on how to use them in a quick Mother's Day cardmaking project

New baby card

new baby

New life, what an amazing thing! So, make a greeting card to capture the moment for both the new baby and new parents. Whether it's someone's first baby or their ninth - new babies are always worth a celebratory greeting card! Use this to offer any help you can too - just a little note to mention you're happy to come cook dinner for the new parents once in a while or do the washing up will make your card even more thoughtful and special. 

New home card

new home card

Another super exciting time for people means it's time to make a super exciting card – time to say 'congrats on your new home'! It's always so satisfying when you first move and your new home is spotless (and you're totally definitely 100% going to keep it like that this time...), leaving you plenty of space to line up all of your 'new home' cards. So make sure your handmade labour of love gets centre stage on the mantelpiece! 

Make your own new home cards using our FREE digi craft papers!

And once you've made your cards, here are some ideas for new home messages.

New job card

New job handshake

Out with the old, in with the new... new job that is! Whether it's your sibling's first part-time job alongside college or your best friend finally left that dead-end job and got the one of their dreams, a 'new job' card is just the kind of greetings card to keep their spirits up as they enter a new phase of life!

New year card

New year card

Fireworks are flying, there's confetti everywhere and you're not quite sure if this is your fifth or sixth glass of Prosecco... Happy New Year though! Commemorate the most exciting change of the year with a card that can celebrate everything that someone has done and anticipating another fabulous year to come...

For neat new year card inspiration, click here.

Retirement card


A retirement card is a great opportunity for lots of people to come together and write their favourite memories about a coworker and a friend. So if you're papercrafting a retirement card, make sure it's a big one with plenty of room inside for fond memories and well wishes. 

School card

back to school blast off card

Whether it's starting school for the first time, a new school completely or just a new year, a 'back to school' card is a kind and subtle gesture to let a possibly nervous student know that you're thinking of them. It could be your own children, nieces, nephews or your siblings. It could even be your mum doing a college course she always wanted to try! There's never a wrong time to let someone know that you're thinking of them.

For super school card inspiration, click here.

Sorry card

Types of greetings card: a list

As the wonderful Elton John taught us, 'sorry' seems to be the hardest word to say. So why not do it through a heartfelt and personal card that really shows how you feel? Humans are fickle creatures and not always very good at expressing emotions, especially if they're the one in the wrong. So swallow your pride and show it through a keepsake handmade card. It's hard not to forgive that much thought and effort. 

Learn how to craft this stunning sorry card here.

Sympathy card


Greetings cards that express sympathy for the loss of a loved one can be very tricky to make. You don't want to go over the top, but you want to show that you care. Put yourself in their shoes if you're making a sympathy card and that will help guide you in creating a piece of papercraft that shows you're thinking of them without making things more difficult during an already difficult time. 

Here are three sympathy card ideas if you need a helping hand.

Teacher card


The guides of future generations definitely deserve their own type of greeting card on this list. Teaching is an incredibly difficult and important job, so be they a primary school, secondary school, college, university teacher or beyond, a handmade 'thank you' card from you or your children is always worth the effort. 

Thank you card

Thank you card

Saying 'thank you' can sometimes be as difficult as saying sorry. But, it can also be the most wonderful gift for someone to receive. So whether you're grateful to a friend, a health worker, a mentor or even a stranger who helped you when you fell down outside the supermarket, a small gesture in the form of a handmade card is the perfect way to show your gratitude.

For a tremendous thank you card tutorial, click here.

Thinking of you card

thinking of you

As we've already mentioned, humans are funny creatures and, more often than not, terrible at expressing their feelings. If you know someone is going through a difficult time, perhaps they're not ready to talk about it yet, a gentle 'thinking of you' type of greetings card is an ideal way to show someone you care without overwhelming them. This type of greetings card can be a good alternative to a 'sympathy' card if you feel like the 'sympathy' card isn't quite right for the situation or the recipient. 

Valentine's Day card

The most romantic day of the year! Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day is here to stay, so why not embrace the day with your whole heart! Plus, if you're worried about Valentine's Day being too 'tacky' or 'commercial', a handmade card is the right way to show your love without buying into the commercial side of the holiday. Just remember, pinks and reds are obligatory!

Have you checked out our free Valentine's Day Digital Craft Papers? Simply click on the link to access this beautiful set of romantic illustrations and patterned papers. You can print them to use as many times as you wish! 

Or get creative with photos with this DIY Valentine's Day cards tutorial!

Wedding card


Give a lifelong gift with a handmade wedding card, showing the happy couple just how happy you are for them and their love. Planning a wedding these days can be so stressful, so a handmade card to show your appreciation for the wonderful day is ideal. 

Don't miss this stunning pop up cake card tutorial!

There you have it, any and all types of greetings card listed out alphabetically - we couldn't have made it any easier!

If you're looking to brush up your knowledge on making cards and papercraft in general, why not check out our Cardmaking Glossary? You might be surprised by tricks and techniques you haven't heard of before!

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