An exclusive interview with… Susan Bates!

30 March 2020
Susan explains why a CrossStitcher subscription’s worth is far more than just financial…

“CrossStitcher magazine is great value for money, with lots of different designs from top designers in each issue! The designs are fun and contemporary and a pleasure to stitch.”


Regular contributor Susan Bates is an incredible freelance embroidery designer who has no less than ten books published! Susan has loved textiles from and early age, and now designs for many companies including cross stitch kits! She fills us in on her inspiration journey. Susan explains why a CrossStitcher subscription’s worth is far more than just financial…


How did you discover your passion for all things cross stitch?

I saw the work of the designer Kaffe Fassett and I loved his painterly approach to needlepoint, and this inspired me to try making my own designs. I sold some of my initial designs to a publishing company, who also produced cross stitch magazines - so as I continued to design it seemed to be a logical thing to start designing cross stitch patterns. Ever since then cross stitch has grown in popularity and I have continued to enjoy designing cross stitch patterns for many different companies.


What advice would you give to readers chasing the dream of being successful?

Be persistent, and never give up! Remember, it takes a bit of time to develop and to find out what it is that you really love stitching. Also, remember to have fun; stitching is a way of relaxing and zoning out from a busy world, so take time to enjoy it!


What would you say to stitchers who are scared to try something new?

Until you've tried something new you don't know if it's for you or not. If you don't enjoy it, move on and try something else! There are plenty of different techniques and styles of designs to try, so you won't be lost for ideas. And if you do challenge yourself you might find something new that you love!


How can CrossStitcher magazine help readers develop?

CrossStitcher features the work of many top designers and every month there are simple projects, plus more challenging ones. There are tutorials on different stitching techniques and ways to make up your designs - whether it's how to mount them up as framed pictures or to make them into a cushion etc. CrossStitcher can guide you through all of this in a fun and easy way.

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How can CrossStitcher help readers to achieve their stitching dreams?

CrossStitcher can guide stitchers along the way and provide help and inspiration!


What do you personally get from reading CrossStitcher?

I love to see my designs in print, but I also love to see the work of other designers who work in a different style to me. CrossStitcher has simple, small scale designs, but also more complex, larger ones for you to really get stuck into. I also love to see the readers’ letters, to see what they have been stitching, and if there's one of my designs in there it's an added bonus!


What would you say to a stitcher who is stuck in a rut, or having a creative low moment?

I would say try something new. It could be something as simple as stitching onto a coloured fabric or using some unusual threads, like metallic or variegated threads - anything to add a fresh element to your stitching!


3 issues for £5 is an absolute bargain, right?

Yes, what is an absolute bargain! Each issue normally costs £4.99, so it's a very good deal!


How is a CrossStitcher subscription great value for money – what are you gaining from the mag?

A subscription means that you never miss an issue, all delivered straight to your door! You'll get loads of useful info and helpful tutorials each issue, along with an easy to stitch free cover kit each month. And of course, each magazine contains the work of many top designers!


So what are you waiting for? Nurture that curiosity for stitching. Subscribe today with this amazing offer and never miss a project, issue or idea again, for just £5!

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