Cross stitch pansy coin purses: a step-by-step tutorial

25 March 2021
In this easy-to-follow tutorial, Kazuko Aoki shows you how to create two beautiful pansy coin purses – a perfect gift for your friend or even yourself!

With two styles to choose from – Iona Blue and the Crystal Rose motifs – these pansy coin purses make a lovely addition to any handbag or are the perfect size for your pocket. 

                   The cross-stitch garden book cover

This tutorial is from The Cross Stitch Garden by Kazuko Aoki. Containing over 70 motifs and 20 stunning projects, stitch your floral favourites, such as viola, pansies, poppies and roses. These designs are used to create traditional samplers, as well as bags, pincushions, pillows, coasters, aprons and tea towels – whatever takes your fancy! If you love this project you can get the book from our website WITH an automatic 10% off just for being you, PLUS free UK P+P! 

Click here to download the charts 

Click here to download the purse template

Cross stitch pansy coin purses tutorial

by Kazuko Aoki 

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You will need (for one purse)

  • 20x40cm (8x15¾in) of DMC 11-count linen in 842
  • 20x40cm (8x15¾in) of cotton fabric for lining
  • No.25 embroidery floss (refer to charts for DMC colour numbers)
  • One 3.5x7cm (1½x2¾in) metal purse clasp with paper string
  • Glue
  • Stiletto or flat-head screwdriver
  • Pliers

Finished size

  • Embroidery: 6x7cm (2½x2¾in) for Iona Blue motif and 5.5x7cm (2½x2¾in) for Crystal Rose motif
  • Coin purse: 10.5x13.5cm (4¼x5¼in)


1. Cut two purse outsides and two purse linings using the template. Stitch the desired pansy motif onto one purse outside, making sure to center the motif. Align the two purse outsides with right sides together and sew along the sides and bottom using 0.5cm (¼in) seam allowance. Follow the same process to sew the two purse linings together. Press the seam allowances open.

2. With right sides facing out, insert the lining into the purse outside. Hand stitch the lining and purse outside together along the opening.

3. Apply glue to the inside groove on one half of the metal purse clasp. Insert the purse into the groove between points A and A’.

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4. Cut a length of paper string equal to one half of the metal purse clasp. Use a stiletto or flat-head screwdriver to push the paper string into the metal clasp between points A and A’.

5. Insert the two remaining sides of the purse opening and the paper string into the metal clasp. Use a pair of pliers to squeeze the metal clasp closed above each hinge.

Note! Use a scrap of fabric to prevent scratching the metal clasp. Let the glue dry, then repeat steps 3-5 for the other half of the purse.

6. The coin purse is complete. 

If you enjoyed making the pansy coin purses, you can find more amazing projects from The Cross Stitch Garden book! Get your copy on our stitching store here. Or for more stitching projects, check out our blog where you'll find charts, interviews and top tips aplenty!

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