Make a beautiful Polynesia Bracelet: a step-by-step tutorial

15 June 2023
Learn how to make contemporary tassel jewellery designs to wear or gift to your friends.

Polynesia bracelet  

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(for a bracelet of approximately 19–20cm (7½–8in) in length) 

1 skein of ivory embroidery floss 

40+ 5mm round coral beads 

45+ 4mm round turquoise beads 

65+ 6/0 Ceylon pearl seed beads 

1m (3ft) silver colour beading wire 

2 2mm silver colour crimp beads 

2 silver colour bead caps (8 x 8mm) 

5 6mm (¼in) silver colour jump ring 

1 8mm silver colour jump ring 

1 12mm lobster (trigger) clasp 



Four-prong fork 


Two pairs of chain-nose pliers 

Sticky tape or bead stopper 

Beautiful Polynesia bracelet



1 Cut two lengths of thread, one 10cm (4in) long and one 20cm (7¾in) long. Set aside. 

2 Wrap thread firmly but not to tightly fifteen times around all four prongs of a fork – hold the fork horizontally to do so. Start with one end of the thread extending 1cm (½in) below the lowest prong of the fork. Finish with the tail of the last wrap extending 1cm (½in) below the lowest prong of the fork. 

3 Slip the 10cm (4in) length of thread (from step 1) under the wraps at one side of the fork and slide it up and under the fold at the top of the upper prong of the  
fork. Tie a tight reef knot (square knot). This is the ‘hanger thread’. 

4 Slide the wraps of thread from the fork. Hold the tassel approximately 0.5cm (¼in) from the knot in the fold (from step 3). Take the 20cm (7¾in) length of thread (from step 1). With 1–2cm (½–¾in) hanging below the cut end of the tassel, run the thread up to where the tassel is being held – 0.5cm (¼in) from the knot at the top of the tassel. Wrap the thread around the tassel three or four times, creating a head. Tie a tight reef knot and pull down the tails of the knot.  

5 Cut the folded threads at the bottom of the tassel (the opposite end of the tassel head) to form the fringe. Trim the tails of the knotted tie from step 4, and the fringe, to create your desired length of tassel.  

6 With chain-nose pliers, open a jump ring and slip through the head of the tassel, following the same channel as the ‘hanger thread’. Close the jump ring. Remove the hanger thread and knot by carefully cutting off the knot. 

7 Make a second mini tassel following steps 1–6. 

8 With chain-nose pliers, attach a 6mm (¼in) jump ring to the lobster clasp. Set aside. 

9 Cut the beading wire into three equal lengths. Pass the three strands through a crimp bead, then around a 6mm (¼in) jump ring and back through the crimp bead until there is a 2–3mm tail. With chain-nose pliers flatten the crimp bead to hold the beading wire tightly around the jump ring, away from the join in the jump ring. 

10 Pass the three strands of beading wire through a pearl seed bead and a bead cap (from the outside to the inside of the cap). 

11 Thread a strand of coral beads, one strand of turquoise beads and one strand of pearl seed beads to the desired length, leaving at least 4cm (1½in) of wire unthreaded. Use sticky tape (or bead stopper) to keep the beads on the wire. 

12 Gently twist the three strands of beads, remove the tape and pass the wire through the bead cap, this time from the inside to the outside. Pass the wire on through a pearl seed bead and a crimp bead. 

13 Pass the three strands of beading wire around the 6mm jump ring attached to the lobster clasp from step 8 and back through the crimp bead from step 12. Continue to pass the beading wire strands back through the pearl seed bead and bead cap. Pull the beading wire tight, removing any gaps of wire, then flatten the crimp bead with chain-nose pliers. Trim excess wire.  

14 Attach the mini tassels to the small jump ring at the other end of the bracelet. To stagger the tassels, attach one tassel directly to the small jump ring while attaching the second tassel, using a chain of two jump rings. 

15 Finally, attach the large jump ring to the same small jump ring as the mini tassels. 

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