Months of the year SAL: free 'December' cross stitch chart

01 December 2022
The 'December' and final cross stitch chart download, part of the 12-month stitch-a-long (SAL) with Susan Penny and Willow Fabrics, features a pretty deer to stitch! Create as part of the SAL or use the pattern in other designs!

December and the final part of the 12-month seasonal SAL courtesy of Susan Penny. This design features a pretty deer on a crisp blue background like a bright winter's day. Stitch this as part of the SAL with all 12 months, or on its own as a standalone piece. We've provided the border guide to finish your piece below too. 

If you're following the stitch-a-long you'll carry on working on the same piece of fabric as you did for 'November', building up the months as you go to create one, long, striking design. 

You will need:

  • 'December' chart (download below) 
  • Fabric – 14 count blue aida (15x18cm (6x7in) for individual design, OR carry on working on 100x20cm (39½x8in) if completing all 12 months on the same piece)
  • 24 tapestry needle
  • Stranded cotton colours listed in the key (see PDF)
  • A hoop for individual months or frame for the complete 12 months

So that you can buy just a metre of fabric for this sampler, you will have only 5cm (2in) above and below the finished design, so you should count carefully before you begin stitching.

Download your free 'December' chart 

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Missed last month? Download your November chart here. 

Congratulations - you have now finished your 2022 SAL! If you want to add the border you can do so by using the guide provided. This will be the finishing touch! 


Download your free SAL border guide