Months of the year SAL! Your complete guide and border pattern

01 December 2022
Your complete guide to the 2022 stich-along! Use our handy guides to create your 12-section piece!


Each of the following designs can be used as standalone pieces or combined! 

January - A pretty scene depicting a snowman sitting under snowfall beside a pretty cottage home. 

February - A beautiful dove in flight carrying a heart.

March - Cute sheep grazing in a spring field. 

April - Pretty pinks and blues surrounding an Easter egg and single cheeping chick. 

May - Nature is awakening with busy bees collecting nectar from spring flowers. 

June - Set sail with this beach scene picturing a beach, boat and lighthouse.

July - Summer is in full bloom in this picnic scene.

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August - Floxgloves hyacinths and more provide the colour in this bright and cheery section. 

September - Back to school time!

October - A pumpkin, spooky house and cat, surrounded by bats and cobwebs is the focus of October. 

November - As nature prepares to settle down for the winter a mother and baby hedgehog scurry about in the toadstools. 

December - A pretty deer nestled amongst bare winter trees and holly bushes.

If you have finished your 2022 SAL you may want to add a border and can do so by using the guide provided below providing the perfect finishing touch! 

Download the SAL border guide

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