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Frosting Cupcakes and Making Pastel Sugarpaste Flowers


These cupcakes make delicious favours and a simple alternative wedding cake when made in larger batches and arranged on a multi-tier cupcake stand, and would also be perfect for birthdays too!

You will need:



  • 12 cupcakes
  • buttercream
  • sugarpaste: tiger orange, fuchsia pink, deep purple. yellow, lincoln green (Renshaw)
  • modelling/ flower paste: white (Remshawn)edible glue
  • cutting mat
  • rolling pin
  • largest easiest rose cutter
  • smallest easiest rose cutter
  • small rose leaf cutter
  • medium rose leaf cutter
  • foam pad
  • small paint brush
  • ball tool
  • flat bladed knife
  • piping bag
  • 2D piping tip


You will need the largest size and the smallest size easiest rose cutter and a small and medium rose leaf cutter.


Add a small amount of orange, pink, yellow, purple and green sugarpaste to five balls of white modelling/flower paste.


To make the roses, roll out the coloured modelling paste very thinly and cut out shapes using the easiest rose cutter.


Place the shapes on a foam pad and thin the edges with a ball tool.



Paint a line of edible glue along the length of the shape just under the point where the curves finish.


Fold the shape over and carefully stick it down.


Paint another line of edible glue across the shape.


Starting at one end, gently roll the shape up, being careful to make sure that each layer is slightly higher than the centre.


Push the petals down and out as you go so you end up with a rose that looks like this.


Use a pair of clean kitchen scissors to trim the excess paste from the bottom of the roses and leave to dry.


Roll the green paste out thinly and cut out the leaf shapes and leave to dry.


To make the buttercream, first beat the butter on a high speed for at least ten minutes to get it really pale before adding the sugar.


Add the icing sugar and again beat until pale and creamy.


Use the back of a flat bladed knife to flat ice the cupcakes with the buttercream.


Prepare a piping bag with a 2D closed star tip.


Pipe the buttercream in three different styles: large roses, small swirls and large swirls.


Take three of the large leaves and place them evenly on top of the large swirled cupcakes.


Place one of the large roses in the centre and press it down lightly.


Place three different coloured small roses onto the top of the small swirled cupcakes.


Add a small leaf between each rose and carefully use the end of a paintbrush to push down.


Place one of the small roses on each of the rose piped cupcakes.

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