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Welcome to This Cake Life, a blog that celebrates the world’s sweetest community!

By sharing tips, trends, techniques as well as advice from some of the best in the business, This Cake Life gives you the chance to learn and grow your cake skills, whether you’re a beginner or expert. We aim to provide inspiration for every season, occasion and competition, whilst entertaining and informing with videos from your favourite cake artists. Come join in the cake fun!

We're looking at colouring for every occasion with Colour Splash! ...


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Read all about the amazing Marie Kondo and her inspiring organisation top tips! ...


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Make a stand against fake goods with CD&S magazine and FMM! ...


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Get prepped for Cake International 2019! ...


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Fix that dry cake in a hurry with our tried top tips! ...


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Have you ever wondered what the difference is when using butter instead of oil in baking? Wonder no more! ...


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Looking for a quick and easy go-to guide for scaling up cake recipes? Look no further! ...


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Have you ever found yourself wondering: why sift flour? Here’s our useful article all about the purpose of sifting ...


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If you’re looking to transport a cake long distance or want to know how to transport a cake in the car, this is ...


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Colour Splash by Culpitt have a colour solution for all your caking and decorating needs. Check out their very ...


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It’s an essential ingredient in most recipes, but what does baking powder do exactly? We’ve broken down the ...


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Check out our favourite cake decorating books for you this #NationalReadABookDay! ...


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