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By sharing tips, trends, techniques as well as advice from some of the best in the business, This Cake Life gives you the chance to learn and grow your cake skills, whether you’re a beginner or expert. We aim to provide inspiration for every season, occasion and competition, whilst entertaining and informing with videos from your favourite cake artists. Come join in the cake fun!

If you've never used a cake steamer, you're in for a treat! Our friends at The Cake Decorating Company have got ...


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Miniature Blueberry Pancakes with Maple Syrup: A fun project from Lynn Allingham's book 'Making Mini Food' ...


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Enjoy this free poster for your workspace! ...


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Seaside Nostalgia: Enjoy this amazing free project with template to enjoy this summer holiday! ...


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Do you aspire to create showstoppers like those competing on Bake Off: The Professionals? ...


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Enjoy this fun template for those carved pumpkins ...


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To develop your doodle style on this and any other cake or cookie, download this gorgeous sketch style template. ...


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How to make mermaid tails using Katy Sue's moulds (and other cakey creations) ...


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From autumn leaves to russet ruffles, faux twig wreaths and plumptious berries to toffee tones and rich red ...


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Whether you're after a tropical island vibe or a quintessentially English garden in summer, we have the perfect ...


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Take inspiration from the deep blue with these seaworthy wedding cake designs. ...


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Add some glamour and drama to your cake designs with our black beauty cake inspiration. ...


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