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How to Transport a Cake



Transporting cakes may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve collected up our top ten tips and tricks to get your cakes, bakes and makes safely to their destination.

Whether you’re transporting large cakes, lots of cakes, tired cakes, cakes with models (or a combination of them all!), we’ve got your covered here at Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine with plenty of advice on how to transport a cake…

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How to Transport a Cake: Our Top Ten Tips!

1. Make sure you construct the cake on a sturdy base.

2. Gather up any equipment and edibles you may need to finish decorations or make repairs once you arrive at the venue. Make sure to bring a spirit level too… more on this later!

3. Don’t include any pillars when transporting a cake.

Carol Deacon
“NEVER transport a fully assembled cake with pillars. Transport the tiers separately and stack the cakes once they arrive at their destination.”

4. Keep any embellishments and toppers separate and fix them to the cake once assembled at the venue. Be particularly careful with modelled figures, giving them extra protection when boxing up.

Fiona Brook
“Transport figures separately, using sponge to cushion them. Fix the modelled figures to the top of the cake with edible glue or royal icing at the venue to avoid damage in transit.”

5. If the cake is simply stacked, try to transport the full cake assembled. If you’re transporting a large cake with many stacked tiers, you can assemble at the destination if necessary.

Dawn Butler
“When the cake is assembled and ready to decorate (which can be done at the venue), transport the cake whole on its ring, in a snug fitting box so it cannot move in transit. Consider decorating each tier and transporting each one separately, before reassembling at the venue.”

6. When boxing up ready for transporting a cake in the car, whether fully assembled or in tiers, keep the boxes flat (no placing slanted car seats!) and avoid using the car boot in hot weather. Place the boxes on top of a non-skid mat for extra security.

Natalie Porter
“Make sure you pack the car in reverse order, so the things you need first are at the top. Don’t pack the tablecloth at the bottom of the box, as it’s always going to be the first thing you need! It’s always worth ringing the venue first to make sure you can park within a reasonable distance and check precisely where you need to go when you arrive.”

7. When you arrive, don’t start unpacking immediately! Take a walk to where you will be setting up, checking the floor for bumps and trip hazards, as well as any tight spaces, difficult corners or generally awkward spots along the way. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you think it might be a difficult task!

8. Check that the cake table is level before bringing everything through – this is where your trusty spirit level will come in handy!

9. Don’t try and save your cake boxes to use again. Cut the sides and slide the cakes out, it’s far cheaper and easier to replace cake boxes than attempt to rectify a seriously squished and damaged decoration!

10. Finally, take a photo when complete! Partially for your portfolio but mostly for your protection. It ensures you have definitive proof that the cake was in pristine condition when you left. 


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Just remember, hours and even days of hard work can go to waste at the last minute when transporting cakes, so knowing how to transport a cake long distance and the best way to transport a cake in a car securely is absolutely essential, whether you are transporting a cake to a wedding, party or a competition.

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For more great tips, tricks and hints along with terrific tutorials and fabulous features, be sure to get your latest issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine today!


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