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Molly Robbins: why should you subscribe?




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But, you may be asking yourself, why else should I subscribe? What can a subscription to Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft offer me?

We could give you so many reasons, but why listen to us? We hear you, so we chatted to Extreme Cake Makers’ personality and gold award-winning cake artist Molly Robbins. Molly is a star in the world of cake, and one of our esteemed contributors and she has taken time away from her beloved work to catch us up on her inspirational journey!





How did you discover a passion for cakes?

I started making cakes at university when I was nineteen. It was just birthdays and cupcakes until suddenly, like it starts for many, I became known as someone who makes cakes and demand increased. When I started it wasn’t a common thing and there wasn’t a lot of competition. Cake decorating wasn’t as trendy as it is now. ‘Extreme Cake Makers’ contacted me initially and I was hesitant. I was always behind the camera rather than in front of it, as I was working freelance for the BBC as a makeup artist, mainly on quiz shows and antiques programmes, so I wasn’t being creative as such, but I was still making cakes. I decided to be brave and go for it and I’m so glad I did! I couldn’t find any other field that allowed me to be so creative and do something different every day.

Molly Robbins rainbow Dust cake


What advice would you give to cake artists chasing the dream of being successful?

Develop a passion for learning; if you do, you never cease to grow. Start building up a local customer base first using social media - the best customers come from repeat custom. I also think design is the most important skill a cake maker can have. I am always sketching and drawing! Knowing about which colours look best, how to balance a design well so that it looks the most visually appealing, and how to proportion properly. This is what the potential customers see first, rather than the finite technical details.

Molly Robbins cupcakes


How can CD&S magazine help cakers develop?

I love CD&S! Having a physical resource to flick through, or follow tutorials to the letter - it feels like you’re catching up with cakey friends! CD&S is a fantastic tool with incredible tutorials, industry news, fresh innovations, and is fab for keeping up with others who enjoy the world of cake. 


What would you say to a cake decorator who is stuck in a rut, or having a creative low moment?

We all have moments like that. I would say in any creative  eld it’s so important not to compare yourself to others. There will always be people who are better or just di erent. We all have various strengths. If you want to improve it should be to better yourself and not to compare yourself to others.

How do you recover from these moments of self-doubt?

I have moments like this all the time! When I look at some of the incredible wedding cakes, sugar flowers and royal icing work out there, I sometimes feel like a fraud, as my work couldn’t be further from that. I learnt that it’s important to carve your own niche and unique selling point, and my sculpted cakes are a good way of making somethin really exciting and personal. That’s why I love making animal cakes for children as they are less ‘serious’ and so much fun!

Molly Robbins elephant cake


How can CD&S help readers to achieve their cake dreams?

CD&S is a fabulous inspiration source. I love how you can follow the tutorials step by step, or select individual techniques that you can use for another project. I learnt a lot from this magazine when I was starting out, and I still do!
Why wouldn’t you subscribe?

Molly Robbins headshot and cake

Well, you heard it from the expert

So what are you waiting for? Nurture that curiosity for cakes! Satisfy that taste for learning and subscribe to Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine to ensure you never miss a project again! After all, with each tutorial, your baking and decorating gets better and better!


Molly will be ready to meet and greet you at the upcoming Cake & Bake show this October at OUR STAND! You can take selfies galore with this Extreme Cake Maker, who will also be bringing one of her fabulous life sized illusion cakes, where you can take yet more selfies - amazing!

Come and see us from 4-6th October 2019 at ExCel London! This fantastic Indian elephant was Molly’s display on our stand at C&B last year!


We have ten pairs of tickets to give away for this brilliant Cake & Bake show. Simply click here!


Molly Robbins cake and bake show 2018



Ideas & Inspiration

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