February 2018

Get ready for Valentine’s Day! In this month’s issue, we have over 53 deliciously decadent step-by-steps for you to bake! ... Read More >>

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Discover how best to cover your cake with our amazing Valentine’s gift box cake complete with roses and a brilliant sugar paste bow, easily adapted for any celebration. For the perfect Valentine’s gift why not try our heart shaped cookies, we have 5 different designs including icing, brush embroidery and a simple sugar paste rose bouquet. If you are up for a challenge, Veronica Seta has created a divine cherub cake embracing all things romantic and renaissance. We teach you how to master ruffles, realistic flowers and a model cherub.

In our Junior Caker section, create Carol Deacon's adorable teddy cake topper to climb on top of any cake or pudding. Plus, learn a very quick and easy way to turn a simple strawberry into a sophisticated and stunning rose. 

In addition, we look into food safety when baking at home and have advice from an undercover caker on the use of glitter on our bakes.