May 2018

In this month’s issue, we have 45 delicious step by step projects for you to sink your teeth into! ... Read More >>

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You do-nut want to miss out on our cover star this issue on page 12, Laura Dodimead has created a stunning gravity defying donut cake. This fun birthday design wowed all of us here at CD&S, you can make it your own by playing around with colours, expressions and flavours! For the beginners we have a ruffles and roses wedding style cake in our junior caker section on page 18, you can create this fantastic design in just 12 easy steps. 
We also have a beautiful design from Veronica Seta on page 64, she has created a stunning bridal gown cake which can be easily adapted using different colours and flowers to compliment your brides gown. Or for the beginner, you can simplify it by only creating certain tiers, the top two alone and beautiful!
As always, we have plenty more for you to read and enjoy. Enter our Marketplace prize draws for your chance to win over £900 worth of prizes!