Issue 5

Welcome to the fifth issue of Get Creative with and the second part of our guide to creating brilliant backgrounds! ... Read More >>

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Following on from the last edition, this month we explore more fantastic techniques to create striking effects that can be used as the basis for many crafty projects. Some require only the most basic of materials to create wonderfully colourful pieces that are guaranteed to be unique every time. It is these effects that will really enhance your projects, it is all the little details that count.
Play with household items, play with crafty bits, the possibilities to create a masterpiece is endless! Of course these techniques don’t have to be used as backgrounds, if you’re a fan of the modern art look these could easily be used as standalone pieces, in fact once framed these colourful designs could become a fantastic focal point once hung in a room! I must say I love the project to transfer print, I can just imagine all the possibilities of really personalising a project by including some really meaningful words. A big thank you to contributors Tracy Evans and Isha Gupta who created all these wonderful works of art. I hope that you enjoy this guide and that it inspires you to create!