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Here you'll find a range of projects from building your own dolls house to creating dolls house furniture, accessories, soft furnishings, costumes, miniature food... the list is endless. We also cover an extensive range of period styles from Tudor miniatures to modern day

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Jacqui Chana explains how the spectacular miniature buildings by Wonderland Glass came into being


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Jane Kubiesa brings music to the ears with the best miniature musical instruments for the dolls house


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Gerry Welch of Manorcraft shows us how to create a fantastic miniature fantasy tree house for a Wizard's Retreat. ...


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Jane Harrop tells us about playground games with ideas to recreate some of these in miniature for the dolls house. ...


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Make your own sea food platter using miniature sea shells found on the beach this summer


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Two simple methods for removing the new shiny look of your tin and other soft metal miniature dolls house items. ...


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Fill your miniature home with animal magic as Jane Kubiesa looks at the best pets ...


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This miniature room will have a French feel and will be a ladies bedroom, with delicate wallpaper.


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Jane Harrop continues her series of games, looking this time at board games and in particular Chess and Draughts. ...


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Shelley Zimmer creates the cutest miniature creatures. Find out more about her fascination with all things small. ...


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Kati Kainulainen shows us how to make this great miniature herbarium, very popular with the Victorians.


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The miniature bee skep stands on a small wooden stool in the dolls house garden, it is easy to make and I hope you ...


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