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Here you'll find a range of projects from building your own dolls house to creating dolls house furniture, accessories, soft furnishings, costumes, miniature food... the list is endless. We also cover an extensive range of period styles from Tudor miniatures to modern day

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Pat Davies of Lili-Anne Miniatures takes us through the Edwardian bathroom habits and shows us how to make a great ...


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Jane Kubiesa investigates First World War period miniatures


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It is now autumn 1914 the Major is home on leave, his gloves and swagger stick are left on the hall table.


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Moving up to the top floor, in this edition Carol shows us how she has decorated the nursery.


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Jane Kubiesa reveals the top window dressing solutions for dolls houses and other miniature spaces.


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Parlour games were popular recreational pursuits for wealthy adults and children in the late Victorian and ...


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Moi Ali shares a fantastic trick to help you create enough stock to fill your shelves and your storeroom and all ...


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Now we have decorated all of the rooms on the 2nd floor and we are moving on to the top floor with the attic ...


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Tudor houses were not so very different to our own (except for electricity and indoor plumbing), with the grand ...


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Jane Harrop looks at the fascinating world of pub games with full instructions to make your own Table Quoits


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Jacqui Chana explains how the spectacular miniature buildings by Wonderland Glass came into being


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Jane Kubiesa brings music to the ears with the best miniature musical instruments for the dolls house


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